In Pictures: My Desk Eye View

I have been freelance for about a month and I can tell you no matter how much I am enjoying it I have to admit it has taken some getting used to. Now instead of having to cram onto a packed train into London I make my way to the next room to my office, or as it is more happily known my tiny corner of heaven.

Here you will find my Barbie’s, well some of them I do have a lot; my trinkets, again only some of them – I am a hoarder!; my magazines – only the best stay out on the shelf, again I have so many that some sadly have to be stored behind closed doors; and generally pieces that I love and lots of gifts from my mum, Paulie and friends.

My Nicole Richie autograph sits next to my Barbie trinkets, including my B@arbrick Barbie’s from Japan, my limited edition pen that Paulie bought me in France, and one day I hope to take that cool mask to an actual masquerade ball rather than it being a cute prop in my room.

Three of my favourite Barbie’s, my two Hard Rock Cafe Barbie’s I bought * well Paulie did* in Paris, alongside my 1977 SuperStar Barbie who has the best hair!

These are two pads that came free with my French Glamour amazing aren’t they, it also remembers me of my time in Paris for fashion week, I hope that come September I am able to go again. I also love Barbie’s pink poodle keeping an eye on them!

I have loved badges since I was little, when I used them to decorate my denim jacket, they are like postcards if I see one I haven’t got I have to snap it up. Like these YSL badges I picked up in Paris when I went to the exhibition. They may be my only Yves Saint Laurent pieces but they fit perfectly with my Chanel badges.

This Chanel advert was an insert into Vanity Fair that a friend knew I would love, the brand made a huge one that sparkled on the side of Paris’s Musée d’Orsay, and I felt that I would follow suit and use it to decorate my room.

My Cath Kidston straw bag, a bargain I picked up from the sample sale that I attended while at their autumn/winter 2011 press day. I haven’t used it yet, I think because the weather hasn’t really been good enough, but soon I hope it makes a great accessory in one of My Style posts.

I saw this Japanese figurine in a National Trust shop when we were on one of our weekend culture day trips, I just thought it was cute, and it even opens up so if you wanted you could store a ring or something special inside.

Barbie showing us all how flexible she is!!

What inspires you in your room?


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  1. Sue
    June 13, 2011 / 2:00 pm

    What a great idea to show us all where you work – a lot better view than mine is at the moment!