Postcard From: Anglesey, Wales – My Top 5 Things To Do

Postcard From: Anglesey, Wales – My Top 5 Things To Do

So I have shared where to stay on the beautiful island of Anglesey in Wales, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called home for a number of years, now here are my five top things to see and do:

South Stack Lighthouse

This lighthouse on the rugged coast of Anglesey is so close to Ireland that my mobile phone informed me I was in another country – not quite but the views of endless sea and cliffs is a spectacular sight. The lighthouse itself is on an island – 400 steps down, and when you realise that you are more unfit than you are you really can take in the beauty of this landmark attraction. The only problem is that once you are down you have to climb back up – thankfully there are a lot of resting points that I pretended were great spots to snap the horizon!!!


Beaumaris Castle

Billed as the greatest unfinished masterpiece and the most technically perfect castle, Beaumaris Castle is full of history. This is one of the best Edwardian castles around due to its symmetrical concentric ‘walls within walls’ design and even though it was never finished as money and supplies ran out you can still see that this would have been a beast of a building to attack.

After you’ve climbed the walls, walked the full circle around the castle, and taken in the view head down into the cute town of Beaumaris which has a great selection of cute boutiques and cafes.


Llynnon Windmill

I am kind of obsessed by windmills, I am not sure why, maybe it is the calm motion or the fact I have always wanted a round room, but if I know one is the area I have to go visit. This mill, built in 1775, is the only working mill in Wales and even with hardly any wind it still managed to rotate its sails around. I really could have sat there for hours watching. As well as still producing its own wholemeal flour using organic wheat it also has a great cafe – the food was delicious – so makes for a perfect rest spot.


Plas Newydd Country House and Gardens

Overlooking the Menai Strait, this elegant National Trust house not only offers beautiful views but also a gorgeous 1930s restyled interior. As well as admiring the grandeur of the house, Plas Newydd has an exquisite romantic mural by Rex Whistler, which takes up the whole dinning room, but what I loved most about this place though are the gardens and outside space. There is a lot of explore from the ornate terrace gardens filled with wild flowers to the woodland walk along the coast.


My fifth thing to do in Anglesey isn’t an attraction – just simple to admire the views, the scenery and the tranquil nature of the island. With views of Snowdonia, the Menai Bridge, the Irish Sea and the largest designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wales there is always something to see from heather-covered cliff tops, cute coastal towns, sandy beaches, and you’ll be surprised by how blue the sea is!!!

Anglesey might not be large but it is beautiful and was the perfect place to take a relaxing short break.


Want to see the island in 30 seconds? Well check out my HTC Zoe I made of my visit: