Postcard From Antigua

Postcard From Antigua

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This week has been rough, I’ve been ill for most of it including the glorious Easter Bank Holiday weekend, which has led to boredom, annoyance, depression, as well as a lot of queasiness. So in an attempt to cheer myself up I decided to relive my Caribbean honeymoon to Antigua

It was only five months ago, but my wedding and honeymoon have become sources of extreme happiness, it used to be when I was down I pinned gorgeous wanderlust pictures of travels I hoped to make, now if I am in need of some cheering up I find just by flicking through my images and videos really does make things better. Do you have something that instantly makes you happy?

So as I was in need of a boost this week, I thought there might be some of you in need of a pick-me-up, so I thought I would share some magical pictures from Antigua. I know I have been a little slack on sharing our honeymoon, I wasn’t sure how much was too much to share, but I was looking at the images of the beauty of Antigua and it felt wrong not to share as it was such a special place. 

Antigua really is a great place, I’ve been to the Caribbean before, but there is something special about this little island with more than 300 beaches and more birds than people. It really is a paradise, the weather is divine, even liquid sunshine – what locals call rain doesn’t even bring it down, five-minute showers followed by pretty rainbows and blue skies were perfection, the people are so friendly, and it’s somewhere you can lounge around and recuperate or get out and be active.

I loved that on our honeymoon we hit a nice balance, we did lounging days on the beach, I fell in love with a cute spot close to our hotel, which at times felt like our own private corner of paradise, we spent time by the pool as the rum cocktails were just too appealing, and then we did days when we explored the island, the culture, the beauty, as well as scare myself half to death at the rainforest adventure course and feeding the stingrays. 

I loved that Antigua was jam-packed with things to do, and then on top of all that the food really was to die for. We really lucked out on our hotel, Coco Bay Resort, not only was the resort romantic but the restaurant is amazing, they really did feed me up during our visit, which of course I adored. 

This post is just a little snapshot into Antigua, a cheer me up post for me and you guys, but I promise that I have plans to share more on our hotel and a round-up of my favourite things to do when visiting Antigua as we really did some great things – for now just enjoy these beautiful pictures.

Have you been to Antigua?




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  1. Sarah
    April 10, 2015 / 2:13 pm

    Gorgeous photos! Looking at them brightened my day too!