How To Survive Fashion Week

How To Survive Fashion Week

I’m in the midst of London Fashion Week frantically heading across London to catwalk shows and presentations of some of my favourite designers, and one of the most frequent questions I’m asked during this time is ‘how do you survive fashion week?’, as it always seems so manic. Well, it is, but as I’ve been doing this for more seasons than I care to count, I’ve put together some survival tips to help me make the five-days fashion week comes to London go without a hitch and to make sure I make it to the end without running out of steam.

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Be Organise

I’m not always the most organised with my schedule, but for fashion week I’ve discovered that if I don’t keep track I can over plan, run myself ragged trying to get too many shows. I learnt a few years ago that there is only one of me, I can’t be in three places at once like Vogue, so I have to prioritise what I like more, what you guys want to see, whether the location is doable with the rest of my schedule, and which ones I need to go to make the best content possible. 

Once the schedule is down, all jotted into my diary with directions and nearest tube stops, saves time when rushing from show-to-show. I then make an editorial plan, which shows I need social pictures for, which would make good blog content, and which ones I want to include in my fashion week blogs. It easier to get the right content if I plan ahead and less stressful when I’m inside the show. This season, I’m doing more video, I’m trying to put together a fashion week vlog, so I’m trusting my amazing Canon EOS M10, which is the same camera I’ve been doing most of my recent outfit posts with. 

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated during fashion week is key. You can easily forget to drink water when you here-there-and-everywhere enjoying the fashion action. Normally, I’m scrambling to find a shop between shows to pick up a bottle of water, or hoping there is a free one on my seat in the show, this season, I’ve been sent this amazing Brita reusable fill&go Vital bottle. I’m obsessed with Brita at home, so having a bottle that I can carry around with me that is made from BPA-free plastic and filters tap water is amazing, and means I can fill up nearly anywhere. 

No more trying to find a shop, no more wasting of plastic bottles, as I don’t know about you, I can never find a recycling bin during fashion week, and I love the fact that the MicroDisc filter, which is easy to install you literally just slot it in, lasts a whole month, so you will be saving yourself a fortune on bottled water. I can’t believe you still need convincing but the £15 bottle also comes in different colours, blue, lime, purple and pink, so you can coordinate with your outfits!!!

Also, making sure you have enough water will mean you’ll keep those headaches away and feel more refreshed and less fatigued. 

Stay True To You

I don’t just mean your outfit, which is important, you should know that not everyone is in designer gear, we aren’t all model-like beauties, and we don’t all fit into sample sizes, oh how fashion week would be easier. LFW is always so much less stressful when I realise that I should stick to my style, if you want to wear jeans and a T-shirt do, just rock the shit out of it and enjoy your look. Don’t feel like you have to dress OTT to get by, remember you will be running to shows so be comfortable. I once wore a very uncomfortable dress one year and it was the longest day ever, and fashion week is generally long days, I really didn’t enjoy that season as I was shattered for the rest of the week. Dress for you, if you like it your confidence will show that to others. 

Aside from your look, be true to yourself in your attitude and behaviour, fashion week can be stressful, no one likes a diva, we are all tired after day 1. If someone smiles, smile back, if someone says hi, don’t ignore them, and if you see someone on there own looking a little-lost spark up a conversation, do you remember your first fashion week when you knew no one? Yep, it wasn’t fun, was it!

Think About Your Shoes

I’m not really a heel girl, I love them, they don’t really do wonders for my dodgy knee, and fashion week can be a lot of standing up, waiting for the shows to start, so make sure you’ve weathered in your shoes. If you want to be shot in your fancy new heels that are sky-high, take a pair of flats in your bag to change into. We might have all moaned about the ankle-breaking cobblestones at Somerset House but the new car park venue has a neverending ramp that is a killer on the calfs. I recommend cute flats, my trusty Keds will definitely be coming out to play.

Don’t Forget To Eat

Just as important as drinking water, make sure you carry snacks and carve out time in your schedule for food, even if that means missing a show or two, trust me it will be worth it. Don’t be fooled by all the free popcorn being dished out as you enter and leave the shows, they will not fill you up, not even 5 packets. Also, fashion week isn’t just about the shows, it is about catching up with friends you might only see on the fashion circuit, I find these five days are the most inspiring as I get to chat with lots of editors and bloggers about fashion. 

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Buy A Portable Charger

I can’t stress this enough, you will be on your phone all day, whether that’s filming a boomerang, editing a picture for Instagram, snapchatting, tweeting, whatsapping your pals or god forbid taking a call or two. Your phone will be in demand, so make sure you have at least one portable charger on you, and if your phone’s battery dies quickly take your mains charger as well to keep your phone topped up on the go. 

Other Essentials

Check the weather, an umbrella is probably going to be needed during fashion week no matter whether that’s February or September. Sunglasses are also a good shout, you never know when the sun will come out and they will also be good for hiding tired eyes. 

Take a trusty notebook and pen, can’t go wrong with going old-school as a notepad won’t run out of juice. Plus it is a good excuse to get more stationery!!!

Take business cards, you never know who you will meet at an event. It’s always best to be prepared. 

Last but not least, pack your favourite lippy, I find adding a dash of colour on my lips makes me feel that my whole face is more refreshed. 

What are your survival tips for fashion week?

fashion week, lfw, london fashion week, fashion week survival tips, brita

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