Forever House: The Conservatory Makeover

Forever House: The Conservatory Makeover

The ‘Forever House’ is slowly coming together. It’s one of those projects that doesn’t need much physical work doing, there are no walls to come out, no urgent transformations needed, well except the kitchen which will begin work at the end of next month, it is just lacking our personal stamp to make it truly feel home. I’ve been struggling with what to share, as I’m a perfectionist, I don’t want to fully reveal until it’s done, and feels right. However, I’m well aware that might take a little time, it is our forever house after all, so I decided that to make a least one corner feel like home, the conservatory. 

I’ve never had a conservatory, or butterfly room, which is what I’m calling it as I spent the whole of August watching all the butterflies fly in and take a peek at all my bone china, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it. We are lucky that we have two other reception rooms, so the conservatory is kind of my happy place to relax and look out across the garden. It’s generally the place I’m curled up reading a book, jotting down ideas and listening to music, and can imagine will be the place I finally write that novel I’ve always wanted to do. 

When I think conservatory, I think wicker furniture, crazy granny florals, and a whole lot of stuffiness, this is the opposite of what I wanted. For me, this room is about relaxing, happiness and a stress-free zone, and that’s why it was the perfect spot to put my Betsy armchair. I know how much you guys all love Betsy from DFS, my Instagram goes crazy every time I feature her and that fabulous heart-shaped footstool, and I don’t blame you, her vintage dreaminess is so my vibe and it really makes for the perfect centrepiece.

The blue is also the perfect colour to sit within my botanical paradise, the idea is to make an effortless indoor-meets-outdoor space with as many plants as I can fit in, and keep alive!!! There is also a softness about this chair that really combats the harshness of the glass, don’t you think it just makes the room so much more inviting? Plus, my cute little llama cushion that I picked up from Primark for £5 helps.

The idea is to add more plants with time, some more cute lights, I’m not happy with the orange lamp but I haven’t yet found the one, a water feature, as well as at least one more cute chair, so my husband can join me for a spot of tea, while watching the world go by. The other side of the room will also become our dining room, once the kitchen has been done, and once we’ve found a great round extendable table for 8, which seems to be near impossible. But, as I said it’s our forever house, so no point in rushing it. 

What do you think of my conservatory makeover so far? 





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  1. Jane
    October 24, 2017 / 3:31 pm

    To be completely honest, I love it.