It’s A Danielle Life

Hi, I’m Danielle, a fashion and lifestyle journalist who has blogged for 12 years! 

For the first ten years, my little corner of the internet was called Fashionista Barbie – it was mainly dedicated to fashion. But over the years there have been a few life changes – I got married, bought my forever house and moved to the countryside, and welcomed a cute fur-ball called Falcon into my life, an adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel.

In 2019, I transformed my blog into ‘It’s A Danielle Life’ as a way to share all aspects of my life. From renovating my home to discovering the love of gardening, sharing my recipes, journalling, and general mindful living tips and tricks – from limiting social media to sustainable fashion. 

The idea is that It’s A Danielle Life will help you on your journey to creating your own well-crafted life, one filled with joy and the people and things you love most.

My day job is writing about fashion, while for my blog, I want it to be more personal. Everything I share is something I love, as well as things that I think will inspire you across fashion, interiors, food, the garden, beauty and travel, from exploring Europe to dog-friendly hotels.

There will also be a big focus on mindful living – from journalling to being more sustainable, shopping local and staying present in the moment, something I’m trying to do more of.

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