Everything you see on It’s A Danielle Life I have selected, lusted over, chose myself, or agreed to, you see my blog is kind of my baby I am proud of my editorial content and I hope you can see that editorial integrity is important to me. My blog and social media channels do contain some free samples and products from brands sent for review, as well as affiliate links, and to clarify a few points see a more detailed look at my images, advertising, sponsored posts, and my policy on product reviews below:


The majority of the images used on It’s A Danielle Life have generally been taken by myself, using either my Olympus Pen, Canon 650d, Canon EOS M10 or Huawei P20 Pro (which I was gifted). All other images are used to for illustration purposes only and I credit all images with the original source. If, however, an image slips through the net and I haven’t displayed a source please do let me know. That also goes for if there is an image displayed on It’s A Danielle that you would like removed please contact me at hello[at]ItsADanielleLife.com. Also, if you wish to repost a photograph taken by myself then please credit the source as www.itsadaniellelife.com.

Advertising & Sponsored Posts:

For enquires regarding banner advertising and sponsored posts please contact me at hello[at]ItsADanielleLife.com.

Affiliate Marketing:

It’s A Danielle Life does use affiliate networks and some of the products featured on the blog and on social media are deep-linked, which means I earn commission on sales of those products, I do need to pay my bills. However, please be reassured in the knowledge that I only feature products that I am currently lusting over, truly love, or that I think is utterly adorable. I have a strong editorial code, all the content is sourced and put together by myself, my editorial content is not influenced by my advertisers or affiliate partnerships, all such partnerships are clearly posted as ‘Sponsored Posts’ or ‘In Collaboration With’. For more see my privacy policy.

Product Reviews:

I am happy to accept products for reviews, but my review will be fair and honest, please note that anything I received is on a “consideration” basis, I will only put products on my site that I truly love and wish to promote. I don’t accept paid reviews as I feel this is against my editorial code, if you wish to place a ‘Sponsored Post’ see the paragraph marked ‘Advertising’.

All products that I receive free of charge, or that I have purchased for with store credit, gift cards or with press discount will be clearly stated as ‘c/o’, ‘gifted’ or ‘PR Product’ and the brand. I must add that the majority of clothes, accessories and beauty products that I include I have actually paid for.

Guest Posting:

I’m emailed a lot regarding guest posts, I’m sorry It’s A Danielle Life is built around my life, opinion and passions, so I do not accept guest posts.


My readers are very important to me so all giveaways are carefully selected, please contact me at hello[at]ItsADanielleLife.com if you have a product that would work well.



To help you navigate my disclosure policies across my blog and social media accounts.

[AD] – this content has been paid for by a brand or agency for me to create and/or post on my blog/social media platforms. Money is involved and there is a written brief/contract.

On my blog I will denote this ‘AD| This is a paid partnership with X’ for added transparency.

[Ad-Gifted or Ad-PR Product] – this is where a brand has gifted me something – I will ensure to clarify which products have been gifted in writing on my blog, and by tagging and placing at the bottom of my Instagram captions.

On blog posts – I will also clearly mark at the top and bottom of the post that gifted items have been featured.

[Ad-Press Preview/ Press Day/ Press Event/ Press Stay] – I’m often invited to press previews for exhibitions, collections and brand launches or offered complimentary food/hotel stays, I will make sure this is clearly marked, but do know that as I’m also a fashion editor this is part of my job role to keep up to date with current collections, trends and brands.

[Ad-Affliate Link] – This is where I link something and earn a small commission if you click through or shop via that link.

On blog posts – I will also clearly mark at the top and bottom of the post that affiliate links are included, and then in the body copy, I will place [Ad-Aff] following each affiliate link in order to be as transparent as possible.

On social media – I will place [Ad-Affiliate Link] at the beginning of the caption, or clearly highlighted in each Instastory where used.

[Previous Partnership] – I have had previously been paid/gifted relationship with brand/agency in the past, and want to highlight that to you, however, I am not being paid to continue to post about them, it is probably just because I love them. This will be highlighted at the bottom of blog posts and Instagram captions.

To view my Privacy Policy and see how It’s A Danielle Life uses Cookies please visit: itsadaniellelife.com/privacy-policy

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