Dear Diary: Look What I Bought This Weekend

Pic: My Lovely Tea Set

I’m not sure where my obsession with tea sets stems from; maybe that time my mum *borrowed* a plastic red tea set from a cafe in Wales, or my delight at afternoon complete with sarnies with the crusts cut off and cakes. But since moving into my first house, some four years ago, it has been my desire for a set of my own to entertain at afternoon tea.

This weekend on a trip down memory lane, I found it and it’s perfect.

I am not a matchy, matchy person. All of my plates are different bright colours, match but not the same, you see I like matching sets but with a twist, and this tea set has the same charm. It is a six-person set, with spots, stripes and multi-colours, complete with a cool stand. I feel like that this set was made for me.

For the rest of the weekend I have scouted the shops for a matching *complimentary* milk jug and cake stand – as well as the perfect blend of leaf tea and then my set will be complete.