Dear Diary: A Fashion Ode To My Mum

This year I thought I would do something a little different for Mother’s Day, not that my mum has made it easy. Yesterday I got a BBM from her saying where is my card? So I must admit I am kind of thinking that maybe I should have just stuck with tradition!! But finger’s crossed my mum will love this ode to her, a quick little round-up on how my mum has influenced some of my questionable fashion choices over the years.

The thought behind this personalised blog post, was that my mum has always been so supportive of everything I have done, this blog included that I thought I would include her in something that I love to do, as well as let everyone know how special my mum is to me.

Since I was little my mum has been involved in my fashion, whether it is making me a lemon two-piece, or helping me tie-dye some t-shirts *which I loved doing*, or even helping find space on my denim jacket for the latest rock band badge. My mum has always had a unique look, but what I know her the most has to be her autumn colour palette, her maxi skirts and of course her amazing leather jacket!!

As at the moment I am going through a very disappointing leather jacket hunt at the moment, I always go back to this one above of my mum’s, seriously cool, a great fit 20 years on, and still in pristine condition. One sad point, I can’t even steal it as the arms are way too short!!!

I also think it is because of my mum that I have my jewellery addiction. I can remember from a very young age that my mum would clink when she went by, and that was because of all her bangles, from the snake charmer, to the bells, and the jewelled ones in-between, my mum has an amazing jewellery collection.

I am also happy to say that she even wears from time-to-time the many pieces I have created her over the years – because that is the sort of mum she is. Completely supportive, understanding, and has always been there. This post is just my way of saying how much my mum has influenced some of my passions that you read on this blog. I really wanted to put some embarrasing pics of me through the years but it is surprising how little pics I actually have of myself. Maybe my mum can help on part 2!!

Happy Mother’s Day – love you lots xx


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  1. Sue Stone
    April 4, 2011 / 7:47 am

    Just wanted the world to know that I am very proud of my wonderful daughter and what a fantastic Mothers Day pressie this was. XXX