Design Time: Your Dream Dress With Oasis and Look

I do love design competitions, I think it is because one of my ultimate dreams is to design my own collection *will never happen, not great at sketching people*, which is probably why this Dream Dress contest from Oasis and Look magazine caught my attention.

It is easy to do, as you don’t have to sketch or even really think too much, you just have to choose the basic dress shape from the sleeves and body to the skirt, the colour, and my favourite bit the embellishments, from cute collars to corsages, or even over-sized bows or glitzy belt detailing.

What you win is pretty impressive, you get your dream dress made and sold in Oasis in time for Christmas, your dress will hit the runway at the LOOK Show during London Fashion Week, of course you will also get VIP tickets to the show, and as well as all that you will also win £1,000 to spend at Oasis. Seriously cool prize.

So here is my entry. Even though I am obsessed with orange at the moment *see image 3 this was my second choice* I feel that this cobalt blue is such a gorgeous colour it works so well with a pleated skirt, and an added cute collars and embellished belt makes it the ultimate Christmas frock, well in my opinion!!!

So what will your dream dress look like? Head over to before August 5 and get creating. The winning design will be picked by a panel and announced on August 12, fingers crossed my beauty wins!!!

Need more inspiration? Well check out my good friend Carina 100’s post, which I buy in a heartbeat!!