Party: Forever 21 Takes Us To Santa Monica Pier

Last week American retailer Forever 21 brought the spirit of California to the amazing space at the Old Sorting Office *better known I think as the Redbull Fashion Factory*. At lot of effort went into creating this hanger space into a cool Santa Monica Beach carnival, complete with its very own F21 Hollywood sign, Henna Tattoo Caravan, ice-cream truck, beach huts filled with pick n mix sweets and jewellery, a burger van, teepee tent bars, a mini carousel, and my favourite bit being the roller girls.

All this to launch their new store in London, I know crazy right, but seriously what an amazing night it was, if only the weather had been better as when I left I really just wanted to see the sun!!

As well as a great bash there was also a hologram show, which was interesting to say the least, complete with retro cinema tickets we saw the latest Forever 21 on holographic models and it was a great show. I took a few snaps and I love how the models disappeared and the illusion of rain was very real.

I also love nights when I get to have a laugh with my friends, so it was good to see the amazing Kelly, who was celebrating her new job in PR, and it was also the unofficial birthday party for the wonderful Alex Loves.

I couldn’t resist a little photo  opp on the carousel.

Biggest feeling I left with is how much I want to be a roller skater girl!! How cool does this Barbie-esq beauty look?

As well as roller girls, B-boys, skaters, and the hoola-hoop crazy off Britain’s Got Talent, Bip Ling, face of Forever 21 was also in the house to DJ and relax in her own ‘Star’ lounge.

Big thanks to Forever 21 and Shine Communications for the invite I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to check out the store tomorrow.