Jewellery Loving: Margaux Lange Deconstructs Barbie

I have blogged about random Barbie jewellery and accessories before, and even the use of just Barbie parts like in the Nokia advert, but none quite as weird and cool as this jewellery designed by Margaux Lange that I have found on my new fav place Etsy.

“I re-member Barbie fondly” Margaux Lange

Basically, what makes this New York-based designer’s jewellery very unique is that she hacks up Barbie and Ken dolls; so whether it is lots of Barbie smiles, or Barbie’s legs making up a necklace, or even the heart of Barbie making a brooch, this is jewellery to make a statement.

The line is called the Plastic Body Series and uses salvaged doll parts, hand-fabricated sterling silver and pigmented resins to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, pendants, and bangles, with prices ranging from $150 to $650. Sadly, these beauties above are all one-off pieces, otherwise I would have been ordering the ‘Kiss With Heart Necklace’ with both Ken and Barbie on.

I have to admit I do love this twisted jewellery, and the art of up-cycling really appeals to me, so with that and my love of Barbie I have added my top three pieces from her Etsy shop to my wish list.

First up is the Have-a-Heart Bust Pendant, $190, salvaged Barbie doll breasts encased in a cast sterling silver heart.

Closely followed by this delicate Evil Eye Pendant, $150; I love how it even has Barbie’s signature glittery eye makeup, very cool piece finished nicely with a cubic zirconia gemstone drop. Also this evil eye amulet will help ward off evil and bring good luck and protection to the wearer, see what’s not to love!!

For my final pick I have gone for the cool yet kind of creepy with these Hand Pull Thru Earrings, $150, this art jewellery will certainly make you stand out in a crowd!!

[All Pics: Margaux Lange]