More Glasses: This Time From Kirk Originals

If you wear glasses you will understand my on-going struggle to find the perfect pair of glasses. The ones I wear on a day-to-day are amazing, just a little plain, so I have been on the look out for some that have a sparkle for days when I need a change. I found the amazing London Retro, but they are more great frames for every day, whereas these Kirk Originals are more fun, fun, fun!!

Saturn Collection

As soon as I saw the collections online I quickly fell in love with the Saturn line as I just love the glitter effect to the frames. Also they have a great selection of colours from my favourite red, as well as cherry, grey, brown, turquoise, green, azur and orange.

Saturn Pan Azur

What I love is that with colour doesn’t bring wacky styles, which is generally what happens, the Saturn comes in seven classic retro styles: Dione, Janus, Mirnus, Pan, Phoebe, Rhea, Telesto.

My favourite colours have to be the red and the cherry as they are just so cute and would really love the Dione frame above, as well as the Rhea below.

I think I might have to swing by the flagship store at 6 Conduit Street, London to check them out.