How Did I Miss This: Kim Kardashian As Barbie

OK, I thought I knew about nearly all the Barbie-inspired editorial spreads, most of which I have bought up on eBay – well it seems one is missing from my collection and that is Australian magazine Kurv’s issue 18 from back in 2009.

In aid of Barbie’s 50th anniversary, my favourite doll became guest editor of fashion mag Kurv and put photographer Tony Duran in charge of creating a Barbielicious cover featuring Kim Kardashian, as the most famous doll in the world. Kim really does make a perfect Barbie doll!!!

I am in love with this cover and editorial spread and I am so glad that I stumbled upon them this week – now to find them as huge posters to decorate my room.

[Pics: Kurv/Tony Duran]