Morning Treat: Those David Beckham Underwear Images

Way back when, many, many moons ago I actually knew David Beckham when he was just a youngster at Manchester United, and I can tell you he certainly didn’t look this hot back then!!!!

These images are for David’s debut Bodywear collection for high-street retailer H&M, where David and his in-house creative team have produced nine underwear styles for men after 18-months research and development, which I am taking to mean David has tried and tested and Victoria approves!

The classic underwear range comprises of briefs, boxers, vests, t-shirts, PJs and long johns, and will be sold exclusively at H&M from February 2 at 1,800 H&M stores worldwide, and the best bit the briefs only cost £9.99.

I am loving the campaign images the black and white combined with Beckham’s retro quiff makes for a great campaign and goes perfectly with the classic styles. I also like the fact that the pieces have minimal branding on them – it come have been a lot different!!

So what do you think – do you like David’s classics?? **Or are you too busy staring at his body to care??**

[Pics: H&M]