My Style: When Only Jeans, A Cute Tee And Chanel Will Do

I still get very uneasy about sharing style posts, mainly because I don’t think I have that many clothes so there maybe a lot of repetition, secondly I am not as comfortable in my body as I used to be, which I am totally working on at the gym, and lastly I just think my dress sense is more about comfort and what I like, than trends and style.

One of my main wardrobe staples has to be jeans. I own a lot of pairs, some which don’t fit any more yet I hold on to them in hope that one day they’ll fasten up, others are reserved for weekend use only, some have no place outside the home but are comfortable as hell, and then there are my top flight jeans that make me feel amazing *and slim* – these Gap Long & Lean beauties are one of those pair.

I have to admit I haven’t had them long, I bought them in a Gap outlet because they were ridiculously cheap, and I am completely in love with them. I sometimes have a problem getting jeans long enough as I have a 33 inch inside leg and to wear with heeled boots they need to be extra long – these ones from Gap are perfect. Not only is the length excellent, I also adore the shape of these boot-cuts, and the dark distressed colouring is the perfect slimming trick – I feel that these jeans make me look taller and slimmer *I know it is all in my head* and I feel great wearing them.

Well when you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans it is only fair and right to team them with a funky tee and today’s choice is my new Muppets ‘Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem’ one. What I love other than the fact it is the Muppets and it has a vintage vibe to it, has to be the slouchy neckline, which drops nicely off one-shoulder. Stylish, comfortable with a touch of quirkiness – perfect for me.

Finishing off my look are my amazing Chanel sunglasses – they totally make you wish for sun all year round!!!

Wearing: Junk Food Clothing Muppets ‘Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem’ t-shirt; Gap Long & Lean jeans; Clarks boots; and finishing off my look are my favourite sunglasses from Chanel.