Hunger Games: Katniss Barbie – Add Me To The Waiting List

My name is Danielle and I am addicted to the Hunger Games.

My addiction started at the beginning of the year when I starting reading the fab books by Suzanne Collins, I have worked my way through two-thirds of the trilogy and my addiction is getting worse. Not only have I fallen in love with the characters especially the strength of Katniss and her love triangle with Gale and Peeta, but I have been sucked into everything about The Hunger Games, from the speculation of what Katniss’ fire dress will look like in the movie, how crazy Effie’s hair will be, as well as how the beauty will come across I am expecting great things on the nail front.

It was through this need/addiction that I came across the movie’s Capitol Couture Tumblr devoted to Hunger Games fashion and beauty, seriously cool features on this blog, that I may have reblogged a lot of it since its launch in January via my Tumblr. Then I was tempted by the China Glaze Hunger Games nail varnish collection, a new shade dedicated to every district, I so want to paint my names in District 1’s Luxe and Lush shade – it is simply divine.

But the best Hunger Games news is that now Mattel is making my dreams come true by announcing that they are launching a Katniss Barbie doll. OMG I think I might scream if I don’t get my hands on this!!! 

The details of the Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll are sketchy, no release date, no price but rumour is that it is under $50, and no image has been unveiled, but that just means I get to speculate on what I would love to see. What I would love to see is Katniss at her very best, doing what she loves – hunting in the woods with her bow and arrow, so my first choice has to be all about her archery skills and a must is that her signature plaited hair is featured.

Or maybe they will go for glamour, making it more in-keeping with Barbie, and work her fire dress or maybe the her red gown below, part of me wants both options to be honest.

The last option, and the most unlikely has to be Katniss at the reaping in her plain clothes, whatever the Katniss Barbie looks like I am going to be top of the waiting list!!!

I think it is best to admit that I might need HG Anonymous by the time I have finished book three and seen the first film when it comes out on March 23. I think I might be more excited to see this movie than I was for Twilight.

Am I alone in my Hunger Games addiction?

[Pics: Hunger Games Facebook]