Video Loving: Old Navy Brings Back Blossom!!!

Hand’s up if in the early 90’s you were obsessed with the goings on of best friends Blossom Russo and Six LeMeure, and fancied the pants of Joey Russo??? Well, American retailer Old Navy has made my morning with their new ad that seems to be going crazy online at the moment, that reunites the amazing Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence in a bizarre Bee Bots advert.

I know what you are thinking, it is great to see Blossom’s crazy hat, and to see Joey, but come on could the budget not stretch far enough to get Jenna von Oÿ to reprise her role as the fast-talking Six? No matter what this video totally made me nostalgic and also made me proceed directly to my Sky remote to search to see if it is still shown on UK TV’s sadly it is not. A whole generation of teens are so missing out!!!


Admit it you were waiting for Joey’s Whoa!!!

When I saw him in a hat it made me think that he was loosing his famous locks.

[Pics: via YouTube]