Cover Loving: Kristen Stewart For Vanity Fair

Finally a Kristen Stewart cover that I can love. This is her first solo cover for Vanity Fair and it is a blinder, I am loving the uber-glam Kristen in that gorgeous Giorgio Armani Privé gown, she looks incredible and for the first time she actually looks relaxed. I have to ask was the Pomeranian dog really needed?

Shot by Mario Testino in Paris there is a gorgeous high fashion editorial accompanying this stunning cover, from Kristen wearing haute couture to the ballet, posing with the striking dancer Jérémie Bélingard **check out his incredible eyes, dreamy** in a Jean Gaultier corset, and of course the jewellery is well represented with gorgeous Fabergé diamonds and emeralds.

Maybe it is the Paris backdrop, of the incredible couture designs, but come on have you ever seen Kristen look so good in a magazine before?

[Pics: Vanity Fair]