Cover Loving: Cheryl Cole All Smiles For Glamour

Glamour’s finale cover of 2012, how crazy does that sound, has been released and it is such a pretty cover starring the gorgeous Cheryl Cole. I had wondered whether this would be a Girls Aloud cover with their return to the spotlight but it seems Chezza still has her solo pulling power.

Posing with a gold camera, that has been added to my Christmas wish-list, Cheryl looks happy, natural and stunning in a feathered Chanel dress and a cute messy bun for Glamour magazine’s December issue.

Normally Cheryl goes for sexy and seduction, which she does perfectly, but it is rare to see a smiling, happy and radiant Cheryl, maybe it has something to do with the new man in her life, or maybe it is the styling and direction that is spot on, whatever it is I like it.

Proving what a fun and laid-back shoot the pictures suggest, check out the behind-the-scenes video on Glamour’s website, I am loving the naughty dog!!!

I have to be honest I was kind of hoping for a full on Girls Aloud cover, did you see the girls at the tour launch? Kimberly is looking hot – I have added her stomach to my gym-inspiration list!!!

But saying that I will definitely be picking up the December issue of Glamour on November 1 – will you?

[Pics: Glamour UK/]