Merry Christmas Dolls!!!


Christmas has and always will be a special time of year for me, and granted I do love receiving presents but more than that I love making new memories with my loved ones.

Last night as I was getting giddy about my presents under the tree, it seems Paulie has really spoilt me this year, I was thinking about all the presents I got as a child. There was a bike that I wasn’t very steady on, lots of play-doh – the smell still takes me back to when my Dad gave me a new shade, and lots and lots of cuddle toys and the one I took everywhere with me was this pink My Little Pony, which wasn’t so little.

I don’t remember the god awful, very Eighties sofa, or even the retro Cola can, but I do remember my love of pig-tails, pink, and how I cherished that pony – just looking at it today reminds me of such a great Christmas.

So this is just a quick blog wishing all my lovely readers a very Merry Christmas – I hope that Santa brought you lots of gorgeous gifts, that you have a fun festive day with your loved ones, and most of all that you all make lots of memories that will have you smiling in years to come.

Merry Christmas dolls!!!!