Video Blog: Testing The Gillette Venus Naked

Hi guys, how are all your weekends going? Well, after having a pretty amazing week, I am full of happy beans because of all the red carpet action, I thought I would have a go at video blogging.

As you know last month I was asked to take part in the Gillette Venus Naked challenge and as I am a few weeks I thought instead of writing down my thoughts I would take to YouTube and rabbit on a little on what I like, dislike and a few tips on how to use the device.

Please be kind this is my first ever video blog, I was a little nervous, but I would love to know what you all think – I think it maybe a little long but I just seemed to get on a roll!!!


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  1. Sarah priestley
    January 12, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    Very informative video blog. Always a fan of home treatments and longer term they can be cost effective. Thanks for sharing! X