Beauty: The WAH Nails Experience

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As you may have gathered if you follow me on Twitter is that my Mum was down for the weekend, hence the lack of blog posts, and we generally did lots of fun, touristy things in London like going to art galleries, enjoying afternoon tea, a spot of shopping, you know Mother/daughter fun, and I also took my Mum to get her first real nail art. We tried it up North, but a flick and a diamante crystal doesn’t quite count, I wanted her to have a full-on crazy experience so I took her to WAH Nails in Topshop.

Granted I think going from a flick to full-on craziness at WAH Nails might have been a little too much, watching my Mum’s face as she looked at the giant menu of options which included having nails decorated with bananas, ‘pows’, skulls, and happy faces, was hilarious – she was a little overwhelmed to say the least.


But the beauty of nail art and especially somewhere like WAH Nails is that they basically let you have what you want, whether that is just one statement nail, a couple of different designs mixed together, or full-on magic – you choose your colours and the design.

I was toying with the idea of getting the pop art ‘pow’ design on every nail, or the fade away leopard print something bold and a little OTT, but I decided to go for something more subtle, more me, which meant pink, bright pink, and a statement print, and in WAH Nails standards might seem a little boring – but I just love that it was still fun, bright, but not straight off the menu!!!


Choosing my varnish was hard, they literally have a wall full, and lines and lines of pink shades, but I finally opted for OPIs ‘Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot’ a gorgeous neon pink that would work perfectly with black ‘Poison Ivy’ nail art. I could have had the design on all my nails, and I saw some that had and it looked amazing, but I just wanted my thumbs and a vine of poison ivy on my ring fingers and I think it came out beautifully.

wahnails-leaf wahnails-me-4wahnails-mum-ssMy Mum was a little terrified by the concept of a print, smiley faces, peace signs and basically everything on the menu, well that was until I suggest branding her nails with her initials. We both like things to be symmetrical and well with her initials being SS it was kind of perfect to have them drawn on her thumbs and I think the deal was sealed when she found a deep purple shade for the base, which in some lights looks black. I just love how the ‘SS’ design really stands out against the bold colour.

wahnails-mum wahnails-mum-tree wahnails-mum-2

What do you think of our tame WAH Nails? Would you have been more daring?



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  1. Kathryn Barratt
    March 6, 2013 / 1:21 pm

    This is so up my street it is unreal. We should get Sherin and all go at some time, although I am not sure how good I would be with all that choice either! x x