Charlotte Olympia: Would You Wear Your Zodiac On Your Shoes?


So what do your shoes say about you? Well, these adorable birthday shoes from Charlotte Olympia can share with the world your star-sign, perfect I think on a first date, or just to add a quirky touch to your look.

Taking inspiration from the four elements – earth, air, fire and water, these gorgeous suede slipper-style flats are in the most luxurious colours from vibrant blue for Scorpio to a delicate pink for Cancer, and each has a striking gold hand-painted enamel Zodiac symbol, which has been embellished with Swarovski crystals. I have to be honest I am serious in love with them.

As a Gemini I was instantly drawn to the sky blue twins, the silver-maned beauties embellished in a heart look so adorable with Swarovski crystals dotted in their hair. I also love that each pair comes with a little Charlotte Olympia horoscope book, apparently I am very indecisive, which will lead me to want a pair in every colour – so true!!!


I am a little jealous of some of the other star-signs, the mustard coloured Sagittarius pair with their Wonder Woman-style crossbow, the rich purple Pisces flats, and the roar of the Leo lion, and the bold Taurus bulls. I am not sure if it is right to wear a star-sign that isn’t your own, even if they are adorable.Charlotte-olympia-sag Charlotte-olympia-pisces Charlotte-olympia-zodiac-leoCharlotte-olympia-zodiac-s1Charlotte-olympia-gemini-clutch

Priced at £495 each, the cute birthday shoes can be matched with a Zodiac Pandora perspex clutch for £695. This is a super loud hint to my loved ones for my birthday in June – I would love a pair of the Gemini flats!!!

Would you wear your Zodiac on your shoes? Or would you wear another design because you prefer it?

[Pics: taken by me, Fashionista Barbie]



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  1. Fashion Follows Her
    April 14, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    I love the Pisces ones but I think I will stick to my star sign- the Virgo ones are rather lovely!