Inside The Cath Kidston House

Inside The Cath Kidston House

If Cath Kidston sold houses I think it would pretty much look like this, with walls of course, decorated out with just the right mix of florals, birds, mushrooms, penguins and polka dot prints.

I love it when brands make their press days more of a presentation, something to grab my attention, something to get me excited, and this make-shift house set in the middle of central London certainly did that, the only thing that was missing was the fictional Cath Kidston family!!!

Known for its quirky English sensibility, there is something about Cath Kidston that makes it universally liked, I think practically everyone has something from the shop – whether it is a floral bone china tea cup, a dotty handbag, a strawberry cover iPhone case, or even a cowboy mug. For me Cath Kidston is the ultimately gift shop, you can always pick up something cute and memorable for a friend or family member.

What do you think – would you like to move into a Cath Kidston clad house?

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[Pics: all taken by me, Fashionista Barbie]