Book Launch: Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns By Lauren Weisberger


When you get invited to brunch with the author who wrote one of your favourite movies, Devil Wears Prada, you jump at the chance, especially when that leads you to gossiping with her, chatting to her about life in New York, and her love of the her characters Andy and Emily. On Thursday I did just that, I got to meet Lauren Weisberger at the launch of her latest book, Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns.

It started off fairly normal enjoying a bagel and a gossip at Mews of Mayfair, and you will all be pleased to hear that Lauren was super lovely, sweet and was hilariously when chatting about New York. To be honest we didn’t chat so much about the book other than to find out how long it took and why now, well apparently she was “curious” about what the characters in her hit book had gotten up to over the past 10 years.

What we did chat about most was her love of flats, which was quite funny as the second part of the launch was a ‘Stiletto Strut’ down South Molton Street. I kid you not, hosted by Lisa Snowdon and Lauren women donned bright yellow stilettos and strutted in the rain to win a trip to New York. Before Instagram launched its fab new video app there was Vine, so I captured a little of the final race, seriously these women really meant business – I just can’t believe that no one fell over.

revenge-wears-prada-5 revenge-wears-prada-4revenge-wears-prada

As well as being gifted with the book, Lauren was so sweet to sign it for me, I just wish I had taken my beat up Devil Wears Prada book as well. I also came away with the coolest USB for my growing collection – my very own yellow stiletto.

I can’t wait to fill the bath up with bubbles and read this book – are you excited to read the sequel to find out what’s happen to Andy, Emily and Miranda?