My Dolls: One-Off Barbie By Fred Butler


My Barbie doll collection is getting quite extensive – what started as a childhood love affair has turned into a full-blown obsession and my collection is around the 80 mark. I try and stick to fashion-related dolls, I said try as I am easily persuaded by a pretty face or outfit, especially if it is of the wedding dress variety – but the majority of my dolls have a fashion or cinematic reference.

I am getting quite a collection of fashion Barbie dolls though – I have the gorgeous trio of dolls made-over by Christian Louboutin, I have a very elegant looking Christian Dior Barbie, as well as a Kate Spade doll that comes complete with a dog in a handbag, I even bought all the Barbie Basic dolls wearing chic little black dresses.

So when I saw that Selfridges were going to be selling 15 one-off Barbie’s dressed by three London Fashion Week designers Sister by Sibling, Fred Butler and Nasir Mazhar you can imagine how excited I was to check them out as well as add one or two of them to my collection.

It was difficult to choose which one to add, so in the end I walked away with two **thanks Mum!!!** – the first of which is this beauty dressed by prop and accessories designer Fred Butler a colourful doll called Rainbow Barbie!!!

Each of Fred Butler’s had a unique style to them, and together they kind of looked like the Spice Girls in a music video, but Rainbow Barbie really stood out for me with her holographic corset, colourful peacock train and her OTT Lady Gaga-esq booties. Come on have you seen a Barbie doll look so cool before?

As well as loving what little clothing she is wearing, Fred Butler’s dolls all had great haircuts, which were styled by hairdresser Sami Knight – I am just in love with her angular bob, daring pink streaks and crazy fringe.

Rainbow Barbie by Fred Butler made be one of the latest addition to my collections but she is already my favourite, granted she is very delicate, but oh so pretty and I can’t wait for her display case to arrive so she can settle into her new home.

What do you think of Rainbow Barbie by Fred Butler? Barbie-fred-butler-17Barbie-fred-butler-11Barbie-fred-butler-18Barbie-fred-butler-5Barbie-fred-butler-1Barbie-fred-butler-10Barbie-fred-butler-21Barbie-fred-butler-16Barbie-fred-butler-20Barbie-fred-butler-9Barbie-fred-butler-2Barbie-fred-butler-4

[Pics: all by me, Fashionista Barbie]

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