8 Things: A Fashion Blogger Needs On-The-Go

My-style-LFW-day1-boyfriendBeing a fashion blogger means adapting on the go, as a general day can be filled with back-to-back press days, delicious breakfast meetings, scouting for outfit locations, attending the celebration of a new collection or just researching ideas – no day is ever the same and is rarely sat behind a desk – so your on-the-go kit is important.

I’m not going to preach on how to run your blog, you don’t need me to tell you that, these are just a few of my top on-the-go tips that I have picked up along the way that might help:

1. All About The Smartphone

Get a good mobile, and when I say good I mean a smartphone. So whether you go for an iPhone or an Android-based phone such as the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy, just make sure that you are happy with the feel of it, the operating system, and most importantly that the camera does everything you need.

I’m not suggesting that your smartphone will replace your SLR but it is with you at all times so will come in handy for capturing inspiring shots, shopping finds, or just what you’ve eaten for lunch – all great for Instagram!!!


2. Go For A Fast Connection

Making sure that you can get online, can upload that Instagram video with ease, and generally leave more time for fun is important. I am a huge fan of EE’s 4G – I didn’t believe it would be that much quicker, but it is, I didn’t think it would make much difference to my productivity on-the-go, but it does, and I can’t stress how much I couldn’t go back to 3G!!!

Whether you get a contract for your mobile or get an EE 4G mobile wifi dongle to connect your iPad, laptop and generally anything you have that is wireless, this is invisible juice that really works.

3. Don’t Forget Your Camera

I know I said that the camera on your smartphone is important, and it is, but it doesn’t replace a great camera for capturing fashion week, presentations, style posts, and product shots. I recently went back to an SLR, I had a compact camera system that I convinced myself was just the same, it isn’t and everyone was right, and now I have a Canon 650d.

You don’t just have to go for Canon, I have heard great things about Nikon’s entry-level SLRs – just one piece of advice – always make sure you hold the camera before you buy. The weight, the grip, even the position of the buttons really makes a difference. For me, the Canon just works perfectly, and I love that the 650d has a touch screen.

Also don’t forget to take extra batteries and SD cards – you never know when you might need more juice and space!!!

4. Ditch The Laptop – An iPad Will Do

I used to carry my dinky laptop with me everywhere, sadly it is now a glorified DVD player when we go on holiday. Now I find it easier to just take my iPad to fashion week, it can generally do most things that my laptop does, yet it is smaller and lighter. Granted an iPad doesn’t replace a laptop, it isn’t the easiest to edit images, you need a connector to upload from your SD card for instance, but when you are travelling, or have a deadline it does the job.

I’m going to do another blog post on the apps I use, but for starters get Blogsy as it is the best for updating your blog whether you are on WordPress or Blogger, and Snapseed is one of my favourite photo editing apps.


5. Don’t Dismiss Low-Tech

I know everything is about technology but don’t dismiss notepads, pens and diaries – I love my smartphone and iPad but nothing can replace jotting down notes in a pad with a pen and organising my schedule in a filofax. I carry a notepad with me at all times – it is filled with to-do lists, notes from shows, ideas scribbled on the train, and it is always a good idea to have your schedule somewhere other than just your phone in-case your mobile runs out of battery.

Plus who doesn’t love new stationery!!!


6. There Is Always A Chance For Networking

One of the best pieces of advice I was given is that there is always an opportunity for networking – you meet new people all the time, so it is important to have a business card to hand someone to remind them of your blog and to get in touch.

I get my business cards from Moo, you can design them yourself, can have them big or dinky like above, and they are excellent quality and not too expensive. Just make sure you triple check all the details – you don’t want 100 cards with your blog website misspelt.

7. Survival Kit

This can be anything you think you might need in an emergency – basically think of all the things that might go wrong – from your shoes rubbing, to getting a headache, from missing lunch, to changing up your make-up for a party, to your mobile dying.

For me I like to keep plasters, rescue remedy, nurofen, a pair of flats, make-up essentials for a refresh from BB cream to powder and always mascara and lip balm, a portable phone charger, a scarf – some of the venues can be chilly, as well as snacks – I love blueberries, a bottle of water, and a canvas tote.

8. The Importance Of A Good Bag

Well you are going to need something to put your camera, notepad, iPad, business cards and survival kit in. Always buy quality, with an on-the-go kit like this you are going to need the room and handles to carry it all – so my tip is always go for leather and this doesn’t just mean designer the high street does great accessories – try Topshop, ASOS, and River Island.

What I do before a big event like fashion week is lay out all the things I need on the floor and then I have an idea of how big my bag needs to be – there is nothing worse than falling in love with a gorgeous bag and then realising you have to leave half of your stuff behind.

Whether you are off to London Fashion Week at the end of the week or just heading off for a press trip – I hope that these tips will help you stay connected on-the-go.

Got some on-the-go tips of your own? Leave them below in the comments to share with other bloggers.