Visual Stories: Introducing eBay Collections


There is something about eBay, whether it is the thrill in chasing a bargain, the high of tracking down something rare, or the pleasure you get from buying something completely random that you never thought you wanted but now can’t live without. I go through spells of addiction with eBay, from searching for the latest Barbie doll or the one that got away, I am talking about you Vera Wang Barbie, to a new cover for my mobile, to picking up supplies to make my own bracelets – I just love that no matter what you are after, whether fashion, beauty or technology, there is always at least one person selling what you are looking for.

Recently I have been working with eBay to try out their new fab shoppable ‘eBay Collections’ feature, which handily places all the things you are stalking into handy groups. In my case one dedicated to handbags, kitty fashion – because who doesn’t love a cat jumper , and even one for all the fashion books I still haven’t had chance to add to my book shelves. Basically it is just a cool feature that makes it easier to watch all the items you want to snap up or showcase the pieces you are selling.

I really like the pinnable-vibe of the new feature, anything where I get to curate my own space I am totally in, and it is so easy to do – just search out the products you are after, get scrolling through, and then simply click ‘add to collection’ on the products you want. It just makes it easier to search out the bargain as once in your ‘collection’ you can then look through all your wanted items and click straight through to buy. If you don’t believe me on how simple it is, give it ago – all you need to get started is an eBay account, and come on everyone has one of those!!!

You will also notice that the profile pages are a little different, less anonymous and much more personal and more like other social media platforms – you can personalise with a piccie, a background and even a few words about yourself – plus you can follow your favourite people, hint hint me, and see what they are adding in their collections. It is fun seeing what other people are crushing on, obsessing over, and desperately trying to track down –  trust me you can lose a couple of hours getting inspiration from other peoples collections.

Check out my first 12 ebay collections here and don’t forget to share with me on Twitter and Facebook what let you have your eye on.

Sponsored post in collaboration with eBay