Food of Life: Birds Eye Date Night With A Difference

Birds eye,Fish finger tacos,fish,food,review,recipe

When Birds Eye asked me to take part in their Food of Life challenge the first thing I thought of was Fish Fingers, I know I should have been thinking about their fancy new Inspirations collection, which by the way is yummy, but for me Birds Eye will also be the go-to brand for my Fish Fingers, oh and they have to be the 100 percent cod ones as well.

Not content with just sending me over products from their collection, which is huge, my freezer is now stocked with goodies from fish chargrills, which can actually be grilled on the barbecue, chicken grills with a garlic and herb sauce and the most delicious, easy-to-cook rice fusions. They also sent me over a new table-cloth, mats, napkins, candles to set the mood, and even a hilarious Come Dine With Me CD. I even got a new dress and accessories for the occasion, which I promise to share soon.

The hamper also included Tacos, with the suggestion to try them with Fish Fingers, something I had never considered, but for date night, this Bank Holiday my fiancé and I with friends decided to give it a go, as come on they sound amazing.

Birds eye,Fish finger tacos,fish,food,review,recipe

For me Fish Fingers, whether they are in a sandwich smothered in ketchup, teamed with creamy mash potato and beans, or even with boiled new potatoes, peas and sweetcorn – there is never a bad combination. Maybe it is to do with great memories of having them as a child, the ease in which they cook, I can bake nearly any dessert but for the main dish I really need something I can just throw in the oven, and Fish Fingers are perfect for that.

With the weather being semi-OK this weekend, we had a rare glimpse of sunshine in between the rain that we decided to take our date night to the garden, and I have to be honest Fish Finger Tacos, which I call great ‘picnic’ meal, where I get to play with my food, is perfect to enjoy outdoors, as it is casual and fun without being a BBQ, which is what we normally have.

So armed with our Tacos, a plate stacked high with Fish Fingers we added everything from cheese, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and even coleslaw. What I have learnt is there are no rules, you can place anything and everything in, as long as it fits. I would totally recommend just Fish Fingers and coleslaw, so good.

Have you given Birds Eye Fish Finger Tacos a go?

Birds eye,Fish finger tacos,fish,food,review,recipe Birds eye,Fish finger tacos,fish,food,review,recipe**Post in collaboration with Birds Eye**