Video Loving: The Making Of A Christian Dior Couture Gown

dior-le-petit-theatre,Making Of A Christian Dior Couture Gown

I have always been fascinated with the work that goes into designer gowns, especially haute couture pieces, and I am fortunate enough to see these wonderful gowns in person, but one of my dreams is to witness what exactly goes into making a custom gown from start to finish.

So Christian Dior isn’t doing tours of its atelier, now that would be epic, but they have released two amazing short films showing how it puts together their exquisite frocks, and I am so giddy that it includes a miniature Barbie-sized mini couture dresses – the details from the pretty fabric petals being cut out and shaped to the hand-stitched embroidery this is incredible to see.

dior-le-petit-theatre-1,Making Of A Christian Dior Couture Gown

The first video shows the making of the “Miss Dior” dress from spring/summer 1949, one of my favourite Dior dresses it just reminds me of a gorgeous summer garden with its texture and pops of colour. What’s impressive about this miniature is the detail involved in cutting out the fabric petals by hand before they are embossed and fixed around a brass stalk. Seriously dreamy.

dior-le-petit-theatre-2,Making Of A Christian Dior Couture Gown

The second short film is just as divine for the spectacular ‘Mexique’ gown from autumn/winter 1951 – this brown tulle embroidered dress embroidered with gold sequins and beads is so intricate and this video really shows the work that is needed to achieve such a gorgeous look.

How dreamy is it to see the making of a Christian Dior Couture gown?

[Pics & video: Dior]

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  1. irene
    January 25, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    Hi, realy love your work! May I know where you get the pretty fabric petals? I am really interested with the fabrics. nice!