Technology: The Knomo Knomad Organiser

Technology,Knomo Knomad,knomo

Technology,Knomo Knomad,knomo

I am a big fan of organisation, especially when it comes to fashion week, there is enough craziness without my essentials being a mess, and that is where this cute Knomo Knomad Mini comes in very handy. It basically keeps all my gadgets in one place and when laid flat becomes a mini office desk.

So what have I got in my Knomad for fashion week?

First up is my Lenovo Windows 8 tablet, a little bigger than the iPad Mini this beauty still fits perfectly into the cotton-canvas holder in its own special shockproof section for added protection. This tablet is great for fashion week as I can take notes, write up show reports when I have a spare moment, and unlike lugging my laptop, it hardly weighs a thing.

There is also space for my 4G mobile wi-fi device, which comes in handy when I need to post a story and the LFW wi-fi is being really slow, plus my tablet charging cables and my earphones just incase I need to transcribe an interview after a show, or if I just want to listen to music.

In front of the tablet pocket are a few sections for you to put a slimline battery charger, I have a Monster credit-card size device, which I highly recommend, a notebook or two, and even a slot for your mobile, which is great when you have all your stuff laid out on the train.

There are also numerous other pockets to store an SD card, I know it is hard to fill them up but I have had a few that have somehow corrupted and needed to buy another one, a USB stick, your Oyster card, and those all important business cards as fashion week is a great time to network.

Finally, there is also a place to keep a pen handy, I have found with a lot of technology organisers that old-school writing implements aren’t a priority and I am still a lover of writing lists so I am so pleased that Knomo added it in.

The only thing missing off this picture are my tickets, which can easily rest in the middle once the organiser is closed. I don’t think I am going to have any excuse this fashion week when I can’t find something in my bag!!!

The Knomo Knomad Mini comes in four colours – black, blue, sand and olive and costs £45.

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Knomo-organiser-black-5 Knomo-organiser-black-2 Knomo-organiser-black-6 Knomo-organiser-black-1**I was gifted the Knomo Knomad Mini – but as always my opinions are my own**

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  1. sue stone
    September 12, 2014 / 8:25 pm

    I now have organiser envy xx