Bye 2014: You Really Have Been An Amazing Year

Bye 2014: You Really Have Been An Amazing Year

Bye 2014 – Where shall I start?

This year has definitely been one of my best, if not the best, and a lot of it can be summed up in this one photographed from my New York wedding in November.

2014 really has been a year of fairytale love, pure joy and lots of laughter, nothing is ever perfect but I think it came pretty close. Paulie and I have been together for over 11 years, we haven’t had a bad one, but this year really has given years to come a tough act to follow, but I really can’t wait to give it a go.

The wedding really was a huge focus this year, well I did only have nine months to organise it on both sides of the pond, but it really was such a fun experience and I am so glad that I threw myself into it as I am so pleased with how everything came together. Granted it didn’t all go smoothly, I will tell you about that more when I share the UK celebrations, as I finally have the professional pictures back, but one thing this year has taught me is that you can’t regret, you have to be happy how it went and trust your feelings of love and happiness that it was a good day, just one of the many things I will be taking away from wedding planning.

The other thing a wedding brings into your life is the confidence to love being you. This is more than just the fact that everything is about you, even though that helps, but knowing that someone unconditionally loves you really puts a new perspective on how you look at yourself. I have never felt as content as I have done this year, especially the last six months, and I just hope that this new found self-confidence and feeling can keep on going into 2015.

Planning a wedding though does take up a lot of time, more than I thought actually, which has meant that Fashionista Barbie, which I might add isn’t my full-time job has taken a little breather this year. You will have noticed less posts, less trips, and generally a quieter feeling, and I promise that this is going to change for 2015.

Fashionista Barbie is turning five at the beginning of February, so crazy that I have been blogging on here for five years, and I think it is time for a refresh. You are going to see a new look, new categories as I really want to feature more travel and interior posts, as well as more detailed features such as costumes from the movies, fashion history, and opinion posts, areas that I can do some research and get a little stuck into with my writing.

There will also be more regular features cropping up, fingers crossed more interviews, I would love to do a how did you get into fashion series as I love hearing people’s career stories, as well as weekly shopping wishlists, sharing my fashion library as I am addicted to fashion books, a wedding planning series sharing my wisdom and love for pretty things, and of course with award season coming up you can expect a lot more red carpet action. I even promise to do more style blogs, I had lots of lovely feedback this year so I am going to think positive, try and be less awkward and just enjoy it.

I have loads of ideas, a year focusing on something else really has made me hungry again to make this the best blog I can possibly do, and I can’t wait to share them all, as well as the new-look which fingers crossed you will all love and will be ready in time to celebrate my Fashionista Barbie blogging anniversary.

How has your 2014 been and what would you like to see on the new-look Fashionista Barbie?

[Pic: IHNY Photos]