My Jewellery Habits



Is rotating your favourite jewellery pieces stuck in a rut or just sticking to what you love? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself recently as my jewellery needs have been very similar day-by-day of late. I’m not complaining, but it got me wondering about my own jewellery habits that I thought I would share how my jewellery look comes together. 

First up, I always start with my arm candy, I have a lot of love for bracelet stacks, pretty watches, and statement bangles. The starting point is generally, silver or gold, nine out of ten times it is silver, just my preference, but as soon as that’s sorted it guides me down which pieces to pick out first. Normally that first piece is my watch, I have a lot, probably too many but I do like to mix this piece up, whether it is changing the strap on my current fav, Shore Projects, I do love the metallic and mint green ones, or going for something a little smarter like the Citizen Eco-Drive, and then I can decide which bracelets will work best with my outfit. 


The usual suspects are all accounted for, I love Monica Vinader, Links of London, Astley Clarke, Rox Jewellery, and Tiffany & Co, they are all just so quick and easy to pair together, but yep I’m aware that I need to branch out a little. Then the question of how many I can stack comes in and this depends on my sleeve length, as three-quarters and short sleeves means I can wear more, which I have to be honest is the general goal.

If I can only go for two, it has to be my vintage bangle, this twisted white gold beauty was a 21st birthday present from my mum and it is one of my go-to pieces in my jewellery collection, next up has to be my Monica Vinader ‘love’ bracelet, a gift from my husband. I find when I’m limited it’s the pieces that invoke memories that I’m more drawn to, rather than trend-led or ones that make a huge statement. 


My left arm down, now over to my right, as sometimes I do like to wear a double arm party, whether just simply adding a few Links of London friendship bracelets or my double Swarovski ‘stardust’ crystal bracelet. If there is a statement to be had, it is generally placed on this arm, just so my go-to pieces can still be worn. 

From arms to ears, yep I’m not sure why the order but I am a creature of habit, and I don’t like to leave the house without some earrings, they instantly make me feel pretty. I’m not sure why, and most of the time because I wear my hair down you can’t see them, but I do love a cute pair of studs. I have two pairs on rotation at the moment, a cheap pair from Accessorize, simple silver cut-out hearts, and a new pair that was a wedding gift from a friend, my Kate Spade ‘Mrs’ gold studs, aren’t they just perfection. 


Then is the most difficult bit, the necklace, and when I say difficult it is probably because I do love to wear the same one a lot, my Caroline Shotton moo cow beauty, another present from my mum and I love it. I generally wear it on its own, but I also love to layer it up with other delicate necklaces, the trick is finding necklaces with various lengths so you can still see each one.

For me, the necklace is the area of my jewellery that can the most trend-led, I know I said I love to wear my cow one, but I do love picking up statement necklaces from the high street to mix up my outfits, as a bold piece really can change an outfit so easily. One of my latest finds is Lola & Grace, I love that they do reasonably priced pieces that standout. 

The final piece of my jewellery look has to be my rings. Once upon a time I used to wear rings on most fingers, then I went to New York and my hands swelled so badly that I nearly had to have them cut off, the rings that is, so I kind of took a break from rings. Now I find it hard to place anything next to my wedding band and engagement ring as they are just so pretty. You see a Primark novelty ring just won’t cut it anymore, I think it has to be something special, something that can complement my ring finger, but I have to be honest I haven’t come across anything that really cuts it, but I do love a good search!!!

I have to say if wearing all these pretty pieces means I’m stuck in a rut, who am I to argue, do you have any favourite jewellery pieces you wear on rotation?