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fashion week technology,tech,technology,camera,tablet,

fashion week technology,tech,technology,camera,tablet,

I remember my first fashion week, I carried around a heavy laptop and was glued to my blackberry, there wasn’t an iPad in sight and there was no urgency for me to get my photographs edited to share with the world. Thankfully, in part, things have changed and my gadgets have got smaller, lighter and definitely a lot smarter. I wouldn’t dream of going to fashion week now without technology, my mobile is in constant use, my DSLR is required to snap the fashion, and each season I seem to add extra gadgets to make life easier, more productive, and most importantly to stay connected, so I’m sharing my favourite gizmos that have helped me through this season. I have everything from photography aids to charging cables and even those pieces of fashionable wearable technology that I recommend. 


Eyefi: I’ve been a little jealous for a while of all the great shots that the Olympus Pen generation can whiz straight to their mobiles from their cameras, well I’ve now transformed my trusty Canon 650d into a wireless device with this tiny Eyefi wireless SD card, which basically just means my photos can be easily transferred from camera to my smartphone, via a clever app, with ease for great, high-quality social media snaps. 

It was easy to set up, as soon as I realised that I needed to enable to card on my camera, something that seems to be needed for Canon models, and even though sometimes it doesn’t connect to the app on my mobile, when it does work it means that I can share high-quality images rather than the ones captured on my Samsung, which yes I know is good, but it isn’t Canon good. Who knew that by simply swapping SD cards would make life a little easier during fashion week?

Eyefi wireless SD card – 8GB, £33.99 (c/o) // 16GB, £49.99 // 32GB, £65.99. App is available from the Apple, Google Play and Kindle stores.

Fashion-week-tech-eyefi-1 Fashion-week-tech-10 

GoPro: I’m not a vlogger, my editing skills aren’t up to the challenge at the moment, but I do like to video catwalk final walkthroughs and presentations, photographs are fine but I think sometimes fashion needs motion. 

The GoPro takes some getting used to, the whole not seeing what you are recording is a little weird at first, but it is so easy to use and the quality is great, it really is just point and shot. Now if only the device came with a video editor!!!

GoPro Hero3+, Silver Edition Camcorder, HD 1080p, 10MP, Wi-Fi, £262.56 at

Lomo’Instant: With everything being digital, it is quite refreshing to take some photos with this instant camera. Granted I don’t overuse it during fashion week, it’s more of a personal, memory gathering camera, but sometimes it is nice to capture that moment in an instant, without the editing. Plus it is always great to try something new and I got some amazing snaps, including some using the cameras multiple exposure function that my Canon can’t achieve. 

Lomo’Instant Analogue Camera & 3 Lens Attachments, £119.95.


Charging Stations

If you are lucky enough to sit front row you can utilise their charging stations under the seats, for everyone else you have to get a gadget otherwise you will always be on the lookout for a spare plug socket to charge your devices. 

Knomo Elektonista Digital Clutch: I’ve gushed over this bag before, here, and here, and its battery pack definitely kept my mobile and tablet in power, plus it carries all my other essential as well. The battery works quick and it will add a couple of hours of charge, which is perfect as my Note 3 really does drain its battery when I am constantly checking my social media. All you have to do is remember to charge your bag overnight!

Knomo Elekronista Clutch, £249 (c/o)

Fashion-week-tech-knomo-1 Fashion-week-tech-native 

Native Union – Power Link: This beauty is an adorable bag charm and a charging cable, simply plug into your laptop, Windows Surface or desktop computer and then into your smartphone or anything that uses a Micro USB to charge and it will power it right up. Plus as it is attached to your bag you can’t lose it. 

Native Union, Power Link in Marine Blue, £49.99 (c/o)

Native Union – Jump Cable: Less stylish than the power link, the jump cable is a compact and lightweight device that is both a charging cable and battery pack. Unlike the Knomo which will give you a full mobile charge, this little beauty offers more of a power boost, for my Samsung Note 3 it generally added a 20 percent boost, which is perfect to take with you on a night out, especially as this will fit in the smallest of bags. 

Native Union, Jump Cable, £39.99 (c/o)

Fashion-week-tech-11Blogging on the Move

Microsoft Surface 2: I ditched taking a heavy laptop to fashion week seasons a go, my back just couldn’t take lugging it around anymore, but the Surface is so light and slim, it can easy fit into a tote and most of the time I don’t even notice it is there. I do a lot of blog updates on my Samsung Note 3, but if I need to edit images on the go, or write longer copy I find it easier to use this as it easier and quicker to type than to use the screen. 

What I think makes the Surface better than taking a laptop has to be its stand, I love that it can mould to your knee as it has different heights, which is perfect for using on the train when you don’t have a steady surface to put it on. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5: For when your bag just isn’t big enough for the Surface I take this amazing tablet. I know that you can get smaller tablets, but I love the android system and its connectivity with my mobile, and the size of the screen really makes it perfect to edit copy, any smaller and you might as well use your phone, plus the colour-quality on it is amazing. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, £389 (c/o)


Samsung Gear S: I’ve featured Samsung’s smartwatches before, I’m a fan, but I’m also wishing that they didn’t make them quite so big, in the watch face, as well as in the strap, I have been wearing this on the smallest clasp and it’s still a little big. However, saying all that I do love how useful this watch is, I know I am one of the few getting on board with wearable tech, but then again I love wearing a watch every day, so wearing one that can let me view my schedule, which is perfect on-the-go during fashion week, and view my text messages is ideal for me.  

While I like some of the functions, I find making or taking calls on it a little strange, and anyone who gets one to read their e-mails is a little nuts, but I do like where this market is going. I had the first smartwatch, which was bulky and not very stylish, then it went slimmer with added functionality, and I think this is the most fashionable one Samsung have created, but I think the price might still put a lot of people off. 

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, £329.95 (c/o)

What technology has been making your life a little easier?


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