24 Hours In Paris With Renaissance Hotels

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24 hours doesn’t sound long in Paris, but as it is one of my favourite cities, I’ll always make it work, and as I was in town to celebrate Renaissance Hotels #DayofDiscovery I knew it was going to be a fun day.

I warn you this is a bit of a lengthy one, it was a jam-packed day, but trust me it will be a fun post – we went on a 2CV tour of Paris, we saw some iconic sights as well as secret spots of Paris, enjoyed some scrummy food, danced in the street, went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, and discovered a new amazing singing trio, The Groovy Project, it was seriously one amazing day in Paris. 



2CV Tour with Paris Authentic

I think I actually squealed when I saw all the colourful Citreon 2CVs lined up outside Paris Gare du Nord as soon as we got off our Eurostar, I’m absolutely in love with this vintage beauty, which apparently the French call an ugly duckling, and seeing the city from this cute car was just perfection, helped along by the fabulous weather.

The idea was to see a different side of Paris, such as the cobbled streets of Montmarte, one of Paris’ historic neighbourhoods, our driver was telling us all about the artists that used to live here including Vincent Van Gogh, and it is probably one of the areas of Paris I haven’t done before, and it certainly is pretty. Highlight from the area had to be seeing Sacré-Cœur up close, seriously breathtaking, and the view is insane, I bet it looks even more beautiful with Paris all lit-up at night.

Then we headed back into the centre of Paris, whizzing by Printemps, which is looking extra special for its 150th anniversary, pink is certainly its colour. We also saw the Place de la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower was twinkling in the sunshine, a visit to Paris wouldn’t be right without seeing and gushing over the Eiffel Tower.


Lunch at Renaissance Le Parc

Next stop on our #DayofDiscovery was a picnic in the Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel’s secret garden, a real hidden gem and so perfect on a beautiful day. The food was yummy and stunningly presented, how cool is the bruschetta wrapped in newspaper, trust me it tasted as good as it looks. Dessert was extra special, as you would expect in Paris, with frozen yoghurt on tap with sprinkles, I may have gone up two or three times, it was very hot, but this fruit tart was insane, I love that it had glitter sprinkled on it, only in Paris.


JPG Exhibition

Third stop was a touch of culture at the Grand Palais to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, which is on here in Paris until August 3, and if you didn’t get a chance to see in London you should really consider popping over as it is amazing. I was lucky enough to see in London but I felt seeing it in Paris some how made it more special. Nothing really stood out as being new or different, but I really loved how it was laid out, it seemed to have a bigger space than at the Barbican, and you can’t go wrong with this grand building it is simply stunning. 


As we had been up since the crack of dawn, we zoomed over to another Renaissance hotel, the Arc de Triomphe to check in. More modern than the St. Pancras, this is a very cosmopolitan hotel, perfectly placed near the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysées Avenue, and I promise a full review of the hotel is coming soon. I loved the chic black, white and grey style of this hotel, it felt very Parisian, and I loved that my room had a floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the street. 

Chocolates greeted us in London and in Paris we were treated with a mix-your-own cocktail, such a cute idea, and was definitely needed on such a hot day, I so wanted to take my tiki glass home with me. A quick snooze, loosely translated as social media surfing while lying down, and a relaxing shower, before putting my party outfit on, a gorgeous pink full skirt from Coast, which I basically thought if you can’t wear in Paris, when can you!!!


Evening In Paris

First stop on our evening ‘Day of Discovery’ was a party on the rooftop at the Arc de Triomphe hotel, a perfect spot on a lovely, warm evening. We had food prepared by French Top Chef Kevin D’Andrea, apparently the French version of Masterchef, and the desserts were particularly scrummy, a DJ battle, cocktail shaking, and I even got a fake tattoo thanks to Parisian temporary tattoo brand, By Who Tattoo, I just couldn’t resist the beautiful elephant. These beauties are perfect for a festival or a party, they add a little extra to your look and all they need is a little water and they last up to 5 days. I like the idea of building up a tattoo arm candy stack. 


Filled with delicious food we headed out to explore Parisian nightlife in a motorcade of white limos, trust me it was fun trying to park them all!!! Our first stop was another Renaissance hotel, the Vendome Paris, where The Groovy Project serenaded us, I just wish my GoPro audio was better as their voices were amazing.

Next was my favourite part of the evening, dancing in the street with dance troupe, Move & Art, which I think came out really well in my Vlog, have you seen it yet? and if you can’t make a fool out of yourself with the Eiffel Tower in the distance when can you!!! It was just so much fun to watch and to take part in.

After dancing drinks were needed so we headed to Faust, a bar on the River Seine, and it seemed like every Parisian had the same idea as it was packed, I suppose you have to enjoy the good weather while you can. Final stop was more dancing at trendy L’Arc club, apparently this is the club to be seen in, and sadly my look wasn’t bodycon enough to fit in, so my full skirt did get some weird looks but it was fun dancing to some trashy tunes. 

It was such a fun night, I met some amazing people, saw a different side of Paris, and I got to wander by the incredible Arc de Triomphe on my walk back to the hotel, it looks so pretty all lit-up, it really was the perfect end to a very fun, and certainly memorable day and evening, it really was one hell of a #DayofDiscovery.


**I was a guest of the Renaissance Hotels, but as always all views are my own**