Shopping: Ice-Cream Dreaming

Shopping: Ice-Cream Dreaming

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Finally, the sun is shining and the weather is hotting up, just in time to enjoy your favourite ice-cream, I’m either a 99 Flake or Feast kind of gal, and it seems that the high street is having the same feelings, without the calories, as now you can enjoy a novelty clutch, a cool pair of shoes, and even a full-on embellished mini-dress inspired by your favourite ice-cream or lollipops in my latest shopping round-up.

I have to be honest this whole ice-cream dreams post came about after seeing the fabulous Nicolas Martin Garcia from the Academia Di Costume E Moda on the catwalk during the Samsonite International Catwalk Competition at Graduation Fashion Week 2015. His pastel ‘Lolito’ menswear collection looked good enough to eat and certainly put me in a summery mood – how cool is that oversized ice-cream bag. Just one of the many talented collections I spotted, **more to come I promise**

ice-cream,ice cream,asos,walls,shopping,inspiration,trend,fashion,summer fashion

Then I noticed that Asos are also getting into the summer spirit with their new collaboration with Walls, yep the ice cream/lolly people, you know the ones that do Twisters, Rocket Lollies, Feasts and Mini Milks, some of my all-time favourites. Just seeing the 16-piece kitsch collection is making me drool and pray for the ice-cream man to coming blaring his tune on my street!!!

The collection is so cute, from novelty Feast clutches to shoes good enough to lick with Rocket lollies on, and even sequinned mini-dresses, adorable nail art stickers, Twister socks and heels, and there’s even a unitard with a full-on Rocket lollipop print, one for the brave I think. 

ice-cream,ice cream,asos,walls,shopping,inspiration,trend,fashion,summer fashionice-cream,ice cream,asos,walls,shopping,inspiration,trend,fashion,summer fashion

Some of the pieces aren’t out yet like that Feast clutch, which FYI will only be £20 and will so be mine, and I think I might even need the Walls Rocket embellished clutch for £35, and those Lolly Nail Stickers for £10 are just so cute and a great way to dip your toe into the trend.

But I think it has to be the shoes that have really caught my attention, come on who doesn’t want to wear Twister heels, at £50 they might be a little much for a novelty purchase, maybe the £4 Twister socks will do the trick, but I definitely think the Rocket plimsolls are a must have purchase, they will keep you comfortable and cool all summer for just £25

Is it wrong that I just want all the ice-cream inspired fashion?

For more ice-cream dream shopping I’ve compiled all the pieces from the Walls collaboration that are already online, I promise I will update as soon as I see the others on sale, and I’ve also added in a few other cute pieces like a 99 Flake clutch from New Look, a good enough to eat ice-cream jumper from Marcus Lupfer and even ice-cream sticky notes and cute jewellery pieces.


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  1. Hayley
    June 6, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    Great post! I had to go out and satisfy my Feast cravings after reading this!