Cycling Around The Science Museum

cycling,science museum,santander cycles

cycling,science museum,santander cyclesI’ve met many great friends through my blog, taken part in so many amazing experiences, and been lucky enough to have some fabulous opportunities come my way, so when I was asked if I wanted to go cycling around the Science Museum as part of Santander Summer of Cycling I have to be honest I jumped at the chance.

First of, yes an event that isn’t just about the free cupcakes, some blogger events have become a little predictable and boring, and come on who doesn’t want to cycle around a museum. I will let you in to a secret it did feel a little like a Night in the Museum, except without the exhibits coming alive, and sadly Ben Stiller wasn’t there to entertain us, and nothing is more fun than doing something you know you shouldn’t be!!!


We pick up our Santander Cycles (aka the now red Boris Bikes) in the entry hall, laughed a little at my friend Sherin who can’t ride a bike, I know a little mean but it was kind of funny, and then we whizzed, or tentatively followed our guide down the ramp into the Science Museum. 

Of course the mini tour didn’t show us the whole museum, it is huge. The taster cycling tour was carefully planned to prevent crashes, to protect the exhibitions, oh apparently us cyclists, and the best route so we could actually cycle.

We did get to see the steam engines, the long wave commutations tower, the replica of the lunar lander, as well as piece of moon rock. I have to be honest I was pretty excited about learning all about science as I haven’t been to the museum in years and our guide was amazing.


Of course I had to Snapchat the experience, if you are a fan of the social media app then come over and say hi – you will find me under FashionNBarbie. I promise lots of videos and images of my cats, as well as crazy surreal nights like cycling around a museum!!!

cycling,science museum,santander cycles

If you fancy getting a science kick while cycling then you have to head on over to Santander’s Summer of Cyling website as there are tickets available for the Science Museum bike tours on August 12-14 through a ballot. They are free, but numbers are limited.

Also check out the other events, which will include  ZSL London Zoo, and Lambeth Palace as part of Open House London, I’m totally putting my name down for the zoo tour!!!

[Pics: Fashionista Barbie & Santander Cycles]