Flying Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Flying Malaysia Airlines Business Class

I love flying. I love the whole experience, from packing to the choosing of seats at check-in, the shopping, the getting lost finding the right gate, as well as the flight itself, which for my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines was pretty spectacular, as it was my first time flying business class.

Full disclaimer, my flight was courtesy of Malaysia Airlines, but I didn’t want you guys to think I was paid or told what to write that so isn’t me, you alway get honest reviews and opinions, and to put your mind at ease I can assure you I wasn’t given any special treatment, I didn’t even get a window seat!!! I had to make friends with my neighbour to uphold those blogger clichés to get my cloud and wing shot! I just want to assure you that I enjoyed my flight, especially the yummy food, and that’s why I wanted to share my business class experience.


My flight from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur was 13-hours, so business class really does make sense, especially if you’ve got a short window on the other side, as each business class seat essentially transforms into a pretty comfortable bed, it you don’t mind your feet dangling off the edge slightly. I have to be honest both my outwards and return flight I slept pretty well, which definitely helped keep my jet lag to the minimum. 

As I’ve never flown business class before, closest I’ve come is premium economy, I haven’t got anything to compare it to, but I can tell you I had plenty of room, which is important on a 13-hour flight. Even on my flight home, which was full, I didn’t feel cramped. There was plenty of storage, I liked that I had a little draw and cupboard to put my essentials in like my lip balm, moisturiser, and my book, and even though I was travelling alone I didn’t feel uncomfortable next to a stranger as we had a divide between us, which was great when I went to sleep.

Comfort is always important, but the best thing about flying business class and Malaysia Airlines for me had to be the superb food. I’m a sucker for airplane food, I like to experience it all. I do love the little portion trays, the cute cutlery, and on a Malaysia Airlines flight the very civilised table-cloth, which really did make the fine dining experience more special. 

Starting off the dining experience, and definitely one of the highlights, had to be its chicken and beef satay skewers, a Malaysian delicacy and one of Malaysia Airlines traditions. I just tried out the chicken ones and I loved how the dish was presented and served, as well as the exquisite taste. 

This dish was then followed by another appetiser, a smoke salmon dish, and then the main course, which you got to choose, I went for the chicken served with mash potato and courgette, and it was very tasty. What I did notice was that the plane only has a limited number of each dish of the three options, I was lucky being one of the first to choose, but some people did miss out on their first choice. However, the airline does have this Chef-on-Call service, where you can pre-order your meal from a choice from a large International and Malaysian menu. I would have loved to have tried this out but I only found out on my flight and it has to be booked 24-hours prior.

As well as the Satay, the desert is something that surprised me, it wasn’t a chocolate mouse, it wasn’t a brownie, it wasn’t a dry sponge, other desserts I have experience from other airlines at 30,000 feet. This dessert, a refreshing lime mouse served with stewed fruit and a chocolate stick not only looked instagrammable, but it tasted so good. I have to be honest I was a little disappointed that on my flight back I didn’t get a dessert as it was a late flight and supper has a lighter dinner. 


What I took away from this flight, other the fact I need the recipe for the Malaysia Airlines satay sauce, is that once you fly business class it is going to be hard to squish back into economy. I get that it is expensive, I haven’t even checked out the price of my flight, but if you were heading on a flight over 8 hours it really should be a consideration, the experience is very special, and I think everyone needs to do it at least once. I also think if you have flying issues, the space in business class will really help, as you can get up and walk around and sleeping really makes the flight go so quickly. What I would suggest is getting on an air-miles scheme as then business class can become more affordable.

Have you flown business class? I would love to know what experiences are like on other airline operators. 


I flew to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airlines as part of their Malaysia Influencer Exchange programme, as always all views are my own. Malaysia Airlines flies between London and Kuala Lumpur twice a day on the A380. There are 8 seats in the First Class, 66 in Business Class and 420 in Economy. Make your flight reservations on