Current Favourites: The October Edition

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current favourites, miss magpie fashion spy, stationery,typo,giorgio armani,perfume,jurlique,beauty,will broome,debenhams,house of florrie,aroma works, candle, fashionista barbieAnyone else suffering from the midweek hump? Yeah, me too. I don’t think this crappy weather is helping, but boy am I ready for the weekend!!! To get me through I thought I would start a new monthly feature where I share a few of my current favourites. October has already been a pretty busy month, so my current loves are things that make me smile and make me feel good.

This month I’m raving about a few beauty items from the Giorgio Armani Si fragrances, the scents really are divine to the rose-infused Jurlique skincare products, as well as a fabulous and fun card range from fashion illustrator Miss Magpie Spy, and the most incredible stationery store I’ve ever come across, Typo, an Australian brand I discovered in Kuala Lumpur. I also have an inspiring candle, a pretty pouch, and my new favourite watch brand to share with you – so click continue reading to find out more on my current favourites. 


I have a little watch addiction, there I said it aloud, I’m Danielle and I have a watch addiction. It feels good to get it out there, even better to share my latest beauty, this elegant vintage-inspired House of Florrie timepiece. I love dainty, I adore patterned straps, and I love it even more when the watch style comes with interchangeable options. It really couldn’t get any easier to change over the straps, you literally just slide the watch face on, which is a beauty I love the rose gold satin finish. It’s always fun to switch up your style.

Watch: House of Florrie, Eleanor Rose Gold Florrie Fan, £105 // Additional strap, Eleanor Rose Gold Suede Floral, £30 (c/o) 


I’m one of those people that loves a fragrance from the first spritz until the bottle is finished. That doesn’t mean that I only have one, I love perfume bottles, sometimes I buy just for the bottle. But I am loyal to a scent once I start, for the past year it has all been about Chloe, but I think this trio of Giorgio Armani Si fragrances might be my new go-to scents. 

For the day, I love wearing Si Eau de Toilette, it has a feminine edge that is light and long-lasting without being too overpowering. It has a woody and vanilla base notes that are really delightful, and I love the fruity hints of pear, blackcurrant and mandarin. 

If you after something a little stronger the Si Eau de Parfum is perfection, it still has the vanilla undertones but it is more nostalgic in its scent. For a deeper, more radiant fragrance you have to try Si Eau de Parfum Intense. For me, this is too intense, but for a night out it adds a touch of sex appeal to an outfit.

Fragrances: Si Eau de Toilette // Si Eau de Parfum // Si Eau de Parfum Intense october-favourites-12

There’s no better way of getting through the midweek hump than lighting the Aroma Works Inspire Candle. I do love retreating into a darkened room lit-up by only flickers of light and this gentle fruity fragrance blend has been developed to combat mental fatigue, soothe your mind and calm you. I can totally recommend this beauty for making you feel more relaxed and less anxious, it is perfect for when I’m suffering from a touch of writers block!!!

Candle: Aroma Works Inspire Candle (c/o)

It seems as soon as you discover one amazing beauty brand they keep on coming, last week I spoke about Sabon, and today it is about another natural brand Jurlique. I was introduced to this brand during London Fashion Week at The Apartment where I was treated to a hand massage using the rose-infused products. To say it was relaxing and moisturising was an understatement, my hands have never been so silky soft before. 

I was given a few products to try at home the Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum, which replenishes the skin with essential fatty acids – perfect for those harsh winter months, and the Rose Moisture Plus With Antioxidant Complex Moisturising Cream has really helped improve the texture of my skin in such a short time. 

My favourite though of the three products I tried has to be the multipurpose Rosewater Balancing Mist, a delicate, hydrating mist that smells incredible, I love floral scents especially roses and this is perfect for uses as a toner, to set your make-up, as well as calm itchy skin, which I have a lot of problems with in the winter. 

Are you a fan of Jurlique? I think I need to discover more of their products – do let me know if you have any recommendations for me to try. 

Skincare: Jurlique – Rosewater Balancing Mist // Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum // Rose Moisture Plus With Antioxidant Complex Moisturising Cream (c/o)


Shopping is kind of like Malaysia’s number one leisure activity, there are so many malls, which are 10 times bigger than anything we have here, you literally get lost and when I was in Kuala Lumpur one those moments where I was completely turned around and not knowing where the exit was I came across this wonderful stationery store, Typo, an Australian brand. 

For me, Paper Chase is a regular stop, Typo, however, is the cooler sister that I wish we had here in the UK. The store is literally filled with cool notepads, diaries, to-do list pads, pens, and office decor, I particular fell in love with a light box that I wish I could have brought back in my case, and then there were the quirky gift items, pretty cups, and sticker sets, yep I wanted to buy silly stickers, I resisted but these notepads had to come home with me.

I know technology is all the rage but I still can’t function without pen and paper and these notepads are perfect for writing and brainstorming blog posts.

Stationery: Typo, notepads 



Yep, I can’t get enough of stationery, but come on when it looks as cool as this can you blame me. If you haven’t already discovered Miss Magpie Fashion Spy on Twitter and Instagram go quick and follow her, the fashion illustrations she shares on social media are amazing. I’m lucky to have a personalised one that she drew for me at a press day, well everyone can now get a piece of her talent with her new fashionable card range. 

What I love about this collection, other than Miss Magpie Fashion Spy’s talent, has to be the humour, where else can you get a ‘Let Every Week Be Fashion Week’ card? There really is a card for all fashionistas and best of all these aren’t ordinary cards they turn into postcards so perfect for framing. Whatever the occasion birthday, a wedding, Christmas, or to just say hello you should check out her collection of cards. I can’t wait to send these beauties to my friends. 

Stationery: Miss Magpie Fashion Spy cards (c/o)



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