When Did Prada Become A Red Carpet Powerhouse?

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If I said to you which fashion houses are the go-to red carpet designers – would Prada be one of them? I can imagine that you are probably listing designers including Elie Saab, Armani, Versace, Givenchy, Dior and Chanel, but not so much Prada. I think a couple of years ago Miuccia Prada didn’t really translate her Prada ready-to-wear onto the red carpet, the designs looked a little rushed, unflattering and not very well put together, but in the last 12-months I’ve noticed I stark change in direction from the Italian fashion house, the designs are more custom to the wearer rather than just an extension of the current line – it’s really made the designer label standout this year on the red carpet. 

It has also helped that they’ve gone for a cool, fashion crowd known for great red carpet style including Diane Kruger, Lea Seydoux, Emily Blunt and even Jennifer Lawrence to up their style credentials. Just this past week, Diane Kruger was spotted in the most divine feathered embellished and jewelled blue gown to the Amfar Gala. There is something special about this gown with its pleated side panels and open back. For some, I’m sure that this dress is a little too much, for me, I love that it is a touch too much, it’s over-the-top glamour that I adore on the red carpet. This latest look is what Prada has been all about, movie star glamour, and Diane Kruger is the perfect style icon for the brand. 

prada, red carpet, diane kruger, amfar, celebrity, fashion, luxury fashion, blogger,prada, red carpet, diane kruger, amfar, celebrity, fashion, luxury fashion, blogger, harry winston

Prada on the red carpet

prada, red carpet, celebrity, fashion, luxury fashion, blogger,

To show off the fabulous job the Italian fashion house has been doing here are a few of my favourite Prada looks from the past 12-months. We had Lea Seydoux in a beautiful silver and gold sequinned Prada gown to the ‘Spectre’ premiere in London. The sophisticated silhouette balances out the disco ball sequins and I adore how the belt enhances the look. This is a dress that makes an entrance and just one of the reasons that Prada has been impressing me on the red carpet. 

Katy Perry opted for a Pantone colour of the year hue for the Golden Globes recently. This isn’t my favourite of the looks, but that’s not due to the gown, I’m not keen on the singer’s hair, the dress itself is a gorgeous colour and a lovely retro-style silhouette that is perfect for her.

Another standout look has to be Emily Blunt’s sculpted sequinned column gown that she wore to the London premiere for the Sicario. I adore the pink hue that contrasts beautifully with the red trim, I love how the trim is so Prada, it’s a quirky touch that enhances this flattering gown. I know for some that they’d prefer the trim to be removed but I like it. 

As well as her latest Prada look above, Diane Kruger it seems is a fan of the Italian fashion house, she has been spotted in the brand a lot in recent years, and these two looks from Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival are two of my favourites. In Cannes, the look on the left, I was blown away by the embellished halterneck, the sexiness of the sheer panelling, as well as the dreamy grey-blue hue of the gown. In Venice, Diane wore a very different dress for Prada, it still has the figure-flattering column structure, but I love the addition of the embellished train and the cut-out detailing to the front. I think you will all agree that both looks are divine. 

prada, red carpet, diane kruger, celebrity, fashion, luxury fashion, blogger,

I’m so pleased that Prada has got Hollywood on side as they’ve really added a gorgeous, sexy array of gowns on the red carpet. I’m so looking forward to seeing whether the Italian fashion house is going to be dressing a nominee at the Oscars later this month. Do you remember the entrance that Lupita Nyong’o made at the 2014 Oscars? Well, I’m hoping that Prada can do that again – wouldn’t it be nice if they could snag Cate Blanchett, but I have a feeling the fashion house will try for Brie Larson or Rachel McAdams. Here’s hoping!!!

What are you thoughts on Prada’s red carpet gowns?

[Pics: facebook.com/prada]