Essie x Rankin Photo Shoot

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I’ve been blogging for over 7 years, there have been some incredible moments over the years, and having my photo taken by the iconic fashion photographer, Rankin is definitely up there as one to remember. The shoot was part of Essie’s launch of its new Gel Couture polishes, a gel-like formula that offers a thick, glossy, long-wearing finish, and comes in a couture-like twisted bottle. To celebrate the new range, which hits the UK on June 1, I got to join a host of other bloggers and beauty editors and have my photo taken. It was such a fun event, I was treated to having my hair and make-up done, I got to try the new colours, I went for Essie Gel Couture Twill Seeker, as well meet Rankin, who was super lovely. 

I have, to be honest, I know I take my picture a lot for style posts and of course the odd Instagram selfie, but there’s something so nerve-wracking about getting in front of Rankin holding a camera in a full-on studio set-up, and then remember to smile, have fun with it, oh and show off those Essie nails. I have to give it to Rankin and his team, they quickly made me feel at ease, helped me along with the poses, made me feel beautiful in the process, and actually made me giggle my way through my speedy shoot. Then I got to go through the pictures with Rankin, and the picture above is the one that he chose, he said he loved the pose and positioning of my hands. 

We only got one picture, which is such a shame, there were four I really liked, so I quickly snapped the ones I loved off the computer screen, so I could share with you some of the other images, so that’s why they don’t look as professional as my usual pictures. I also shared on Twitter a quick click-through of my shoot, which I’m so pleased that I didn’t look as awkward as I thought I was going to be.

I promise a closer a look at the Essie Gel Couture collection soon, but I just wanted to share my fabulous shoot with Rankin, I’m so pleased with the outcome, and it’s nice to know that someone I’ve admired, I’ve always loved Rankin’s photographs is so lovely in real life, I’ve met a few photographers in my time who have been bigger divas than the models and it’s nice to say that Rankin really was such a nice bloke.

What do you think of my Essie x Rankin picture? 






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