Travel Essentials To Help You Sleep

Travel Essentials To Help You Sleep

I love to travel, but it seems my body hates to sleep when I do, so recently I’ve been looking into products that can help me relax before I go bed and to help me snooze. Top of my travel essentials to help me sleep has to be Holistic Silk, if you haven’t heard of this incredible brand, check them out – their mantra is Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate, and I can totally vouch for their eye masks and massaging slippers, I seriously can’t travel without them. Then I also need the punch of my This Works rollerball, the home feeling of a candle flickering in the corner, and a spritz of my favourite Jurlique refreshing mist. 

My 5 Travel Essentials To Help Me Sleep

Holistic Silk Lavender Eye Mask

First thing, I pack is my Holistic Silk lavender eye mask (c/o), I can’t stress how good this is. I’m obsessed with how pretty they are, the colours are divine and the silk is so luxurious you actually look forward to wearing it. An eye mask for me is a travel essentials purchase for anyone who finds it hard to drop off in a hotel room, you know the one where the curtains don’t meet in the middle, the smoke alarm light is flashing and the TV standby light glares in the dark. I find it so frustrating and these beauties block out all those distractions, while the subtle lavender scent calms me.

Unlike other eye masks you’ve probably used in the past, you know those cheap ones you get free on planes, the Holistic Silk ones are lined in a super smooth cotton velvet so it feels great against your skin. Plus, the super size design is so comfortable, it rests on your cheekbones and forehead rather than sitting on your eyes. I hate eye masks that are restrictive, as they can make falling asleep even harder. Trust me, you will feel more refreshed after a night sleeping in this eye mask.

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Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

With my sensitive skin, I’m always on the look out for great calming products, which I always find is needed more when I travel, this Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is perfect for giving my skin a burst of hydration. These refreshing sprays are just so lovely on the skin, I also like that they have travel sizes so can be taken on with your hand luggage, and the botanical ingredients really do brighten, soothe, protect and purify my skin. I find that sometimes when I have been on a long flight that my skin is itchy and sore to the touch and this product is the only thing that calms my skin and soothes it so I can sleep well. 

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less

I’m a big fan of the entire This Works sleep range, at home I have the pillow spray, the shower gel and the candle, addict much, but the one product that I have to add to my travel essentials list has to be the Deep Sleep Stress Less, which I find calms me down and helps me sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I would take all if I could, but sometimes space is limited, so this is my go-to travel essential sleep item. 

I also love that this is a multi-purpose aromatherapy blend, it helps you sleep well, but it can also be used at anytime to de-stress, so if you are scared of flying or stressed out because the traffic is crazy, just literally roll the oil onto your wrist and calmly breathe in the relaxing scent.  

Holistic Silk Massaging Slippers

I used to just hope that the hotel had slippers so I could wear them around my room but after trying these Holistic Silk massaging slippers (c/o) at a recent event I can’t believe I’ve travelled without them. As soon as I get the chance to relax in my hotel room I change into these beauties as they have magnetic insoles which massage your feet, which aids pain relief and improves circulation, I find they really help tired legs after a lot of walking sightseeing. I’m not going to lie, I don’t know how magnets in the slippers help, I just know that they do. 

As well as wearing in my hotel room, I also wear on the plane, they are super lightweight that they can easily be placed in your hand luggage, and I’ve even worn them when I’ve been to a yoga class.  

A Candle

This one might seem a strange addition to a travel essentials list but I love making my hotel room a relaxing place and lighting a candle just seems to work for me. I normally carry one of my travel candles, I actually forgot it recently, but thankfully the lovely Castle Hotel Windsor MGallery left me one in my room as a gift and it was so lovely. If your hotel isn’t as nice I would suggest taking one of these:

Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Travel Candles, you get four travel sized candles that have chamomile and jasmine essential oil. 

Diptyque Roses Mini Candle Travel Edition, this beauty will literally have your hotel room smelling of roses, I love it so much. 

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Travel Candle, this refreshing scent has that ability to uplift me if I burn it while getting ready for a night out, or help me wind down if I light it before I go to sleep. 

What are your travel essentials to help you sleep?

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