Christmas Shopping: Technology Gifts

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Waited weeks for me to get my Christmas features going and you get two in a matter of days. You see, I tend to get more inspired while I’m shopping, so expect a few more before the week is out. I’ve already brought you the cutest rose gold gifts and today is the hottest technology gifts I’ve been looking at for my friends and family, oh and a few of them I might have already bought for myself!!! 

Technology Gifts: 1. Neato – Botvac Connected // 2. Amazon – Echo // 3. Canon – EOS M10 Camera // 4. HP – Sprocket Portable Photo Printer // 5. Amazon – Fire HD 8 Tablet // 6. Samsung Gear 360 // 7. Filofax – Saffiano Zip Tablet Case // 8. Tile Slim – 1 Pack or 4 Pack // 9. Lulu Guinness – iPhone cases – Stripe Kooky Cat, Lipstick and Doll Face // 10. Nixplay – Advanced 8 Inch Photo Frame // 

First up, is the incredible robovac from Neato, I have this beauty and telling people I do my hoovering in five minutes makes people laugh, but I love that I literally press start on the app, from wherever I am, and it whizzes around the room and picks up all the mess my puppy has left behind. The only spot I need to do myself is the stairs, I’ve never enjoyed vacuuming as much. It’s also fun watching my cats and puppy trying to figure out what it is. 

I’m really into photography so I’ve added a few photo related technology gifts including my current go-to camera the Canon EOS M10, I can’t rave about this enough, I love how lightweight it is, how you can change the lenses, and I can’t ever use a camera without WiFi it has totally improved my Instagram feed. Once you’ve captured those amazing shots you have to print them off on this amazing portable photo printer from HP it works with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones via a free app and the Bluetooth gadget utilises zero ink photo paper. I love being able to print my snaps to decorate my office. 

Not into printing but what to see all your photographs? Well, I’ve recently discovered Nixplay cloud photo frames, well actually I can’t take credit for it, my husband has been obsessed with them. I know what you are thinking photo frames have been around for ages, but these have incredible hi-res capabilities and they have a Hu-Motion Sensor that turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave the room, so it isn’t always playing. It’s also easy to use, just slot in an SD card with your photos on, plus you can access images from the cloud so you can use it to share photos with loved ones who have the same photo frames. 

Another one of the technology gifts already in use in my home is the Amazon Echo, which allows you to control your music, shopping list, lights, switches, thermostats and even the cute Neato botvac by simply using your voice. You’ll also find Alexa is great at telling you the weather, reporting the news and traffic, sport scores and even your schedule, and she can even tell you a joke, just don’t expect it to be funny. Also, I’ve just found out she can also read audiobooks from my Amazon account. 

After a stocking filler? Look no further than the handy Tile Slim, which is as thin as two credit cards and can be placed into your purse, wallet or pocket, or added to your key chain, basically, anything you want to be able to find quickly. You simply use your smartphone to make your Tile Slim ring when it’s nearby but out of sight, plus if you can’t find your mobile but have the Tile Slim you can make your phone ring – even on silent! Buy in packs of 4, so one for the whole family, or singularly. I love these and use them a lot while travelling. 

Other must-have technology gifts have to be the new and improved Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet which comes in four great colours, is lightweight and is best when hooked up to your Amazon Prime account to watch your favourite programmes and films on the go, or read from your Kindle Unlimited account. I also love that it is priced under £100. Looking to protect your tablet I love Filofax’s collection of zip cases, especially this festive gold one. Last but not least, jazz up your friend’s iPhone with one of these funky cases from Lulu Guinness, seriously how cute is the Doll Face one. 

What technology gifts have you been buying this Christmas?