The Ultimate Planner For 2017

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I’m a stationery addict and one of my favourite things to buy is a planner for the year ahead, there’s something about that feeling of getting organised ahead of the new year that I just love. But I’m also very picky about planners and diaries, there are so many out there that just don’t fit the bill, and others look good but I’m worried about spending too much as I can’t see it in person. Which is why I decided to showcase my four favourite planners, all are different, all have slightly different plus points and I’ll probably use them all a little differently, but each one is fabulous. 

As I want to share the best bits of each planner I’ve also put together a video, yep, I’ve finally done another vlog, I know I promised more after my fashion week vlog, but I got all scared and then didn’t feel like my others were up to scratch, but I love how this one came out as it shows you inside the planners and what I love about each one and how I will use them all.

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hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo

The standout planner has to be the one from Hello Day – the Carrara Daily Planner, which aims to serve as a companion to keep you focused on your tasks, and remind you regularly of your goals and dreams, in a perfect marble packaging. What I love about this beauty is that it is so thought out, it isn’t just super cute, but also helps you keep accountable, as well as inspire you, as it is filled with beautiful quotes.

Highlights for me includes the ’10-minute accomplishment’ feature, for those tasks that might only take 5-10 minutes but you never actually get around to going, it is nice having an area to detail them to encourage you to complete. There there is the monthly ‘goal planning’ where you jot down your goals, tasks, things you want to do less of and more of, as well as your eating and exercise plans. It also has an ‘end of the month reflection’ so you can write down your successes and what you’ve learnt. Reflection is one of the most important things I’ve realised this year and writing them down means you can move forward and I’m going to enjoy doing that each month. 

As I said in the video, for me, this Hello Day planner is going to be my desk companion, it has the perfect amount of space to organise my day, as each week day gets a full-page, complete with a section for ‘to do’, ‘today’ split into am, pm and eve, as well as a place to note your water intake, exercise and progress on tasks. I also love that each day comes with a new quote to inspire and a space to write what you are grateful for. 

I went for the marble planner, but the Hello Day daily planner also comes in a black and white ‘smudge’ design. At £46 it might seem a little pricey, but the quality is amazing, as is the thought that has gone into making it unique, helpful and well as inspiring.

hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typohello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo

Out of the four planners, the one I will probably be carrying around with me has to be the black marble diary from Typo, not only is the design very pretty, but it is also the perfect size. This is probably more typical that the other planners, it basically features a week over two pages, but it is great for jotting down events and tasks on a day-to-day basis as it will fit in your bag. It also has a pretty marble effect design throughout and plenty of notes pages at the back. I’m also in love with the font used to display the months. At £12 this is great value for a diary to capture thoughts on the move.

hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo

After something a little more professional but stylish? You have to check out Kikki.K’s selection of personal planners as they are all so beautiful, but my favourite has to be the brushed gold polka dot design with its gold dividers inside. Made from leather this planner will see you not only through 2017 but for many years and it is great if you want to customise what you need from a diary as it has 4 blank tabs as well as calendar, meetings and to do. It also comes with a mini ‘today’ pad slot to the front and a notepad at the back and 2 pages of stickers to personalise your planner. 

The medium design seen is £45, or you can buy a large design that would be great to sit on your desk for £54. I just think either design would look great if you attend a lot of meetings as it is professional yet fun. 

hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo hello day planner, planner, diary, organiser, kikki.k, typo

The final planner is specific to bloggers and is from Dot Creates but it was so cute and excellent value for money that I thought I would add it in. Priced at £12.50 this little planner will give your content planning an edge next year as it is broken down into unmarked months, so you can start it at anytime of the year, and has pages to jot down your notes for future blog posts, as well areas to keep track of your social media stats, sponsored content and upcoming events. I really think this will help me keep on top of all my ideas next year, especially with the launch of Travelista Barbie, I’m going to need to be a little more organised.

Which planner have you got your eye on?

Planners featured in the blog post and video: 

Hello Day Carrara Planner (c/o) // Kikki.K Leather Personal Planner Gold Medium // Typo Premium Black Marble Diary // Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner //