Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review

You know that new mobile joy? Well, I have it, in the form of the fabulous Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and I seriously can’t stop gushing about it. This is my sixth Samsung mobile in a row, I have had the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, you know the one with the phone morphed on the back of a zoom camera, the Note 3, the one with the pencil, the sleek Samsung S5 that came with all the fitness gadgets, the Samsung S6, a more performance packed version of the S5, and then the Samsung S6 Edge, like the 6 but with a curved edge, and now with the S8 Plus, with its giant 6.2-inch display it has me falling in love with the Galaxy series all over again, as I’m all for bigger and better. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Design

For some, the size might be a big no, for some, but don’t worry you can go for the slightly slimmer S8, but if like me you are a lover of a big phone, you can’t get any prettier than this curved, ultrasleek beauty. Once upon a time, big meant bulky, but even with its larger size, its curved screen makes it feel compact in your hand, it is kind of moulded that way, and it is still thinning than most other mobiles I’ve ever used, even with a case on. 

But this is a mobile that maximises every little bit of its larger size thanks to its ‘Infinity Display’, with all of the screen useful as Samsung has gotten rid of the buttons at the bottom, the home button is now embedded under the screen, meaning more room for its clear, larger display, a whopping 18.5:9 display ratio, which means that it is great when taking and editing pictures, watching catch-up TV and even writing emails. Oh, and did I add that it’s all in crystal clear HD, seriously this display has the best colour and clarity of any smartphone I’ve ever had.

The powerful and speedy processor also helps, I’m one of those people that loves having lots of apps and internet tabs open all at once, and I’ve never had an issue with speed, or my phone just crashing, which sadly used to happen with older models.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Camera

Come on, we all care about design and battery life but if the camera isn’t any good what’s the point? Well, don’t worry this smartphone really has an incredibly smart autofocus front camera and 12MP F1.7 Dual Pixel rear camera, which with that aperture lets in lots of light and detail so is great for low-light, zoom and anti-blur photos.

Samsung cameras have always been impressive but this one compared to the previous smartphone is awesome and there are so many cool features I love. First off, the dual-pixel phase detection autofocus, which I have used at catwalk shows as you hit the model and it tracks her down the catwalk for great images. It also has the best selfie feature ever, a floating camera button, which means you can reach the button to snap the picture anywhere on the screen, and there is a setting to take multiple shots, which allows you to combine them into one high-quality photo, so you always get the shot you want. There is also this nifty selective focus mode, which gives you all kind of blur and depth of field that us fashion bloggers love, plus, what’s even better is that you can choose the depth of field after taking the shot to choose whichever focus you fancy: foreground, background, or both.

Oh, and if the camera wasn’t good enough, it is also jam-packed with enhanced image processing, including a special ‘food’ setting, fun hyperlapse capabilities, tons of cool Instagram-ready filters, as well as Pro controls very much like your DSLR, meaning you can change your ISO, shutter speed, exposure, colour tone, manual focus, and white balance. What I also love is that you can save your pics as RAW files so you can do extra fancy editing on them, not that you really need to as it is as good as most point-and-shoot compact cameras on the market. 

For a bit of fun, the Samsung also has lots of Snapchat-inspired faces, so you can be a rabbit or a sheep, or even add stickers to your images or add music such as Happy Birthday to a picture. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Battery 

I’ve always found Samsung to have excellent battery life, especially compared to my iPhone friends, I’m never the one down to my last 10% of juice on a long day over fashion week, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than ever. I think it has a lot to do with the auto brightness tracker, which really does stop your battery being drained by the screen display, and it also helps to quickly optimise your screen in sunny conditions. 

It also has that super-fast charging like with the S6 and S7, which FYI is a life-saver as I can plug-in on my 34-minute train journey home and it is fully charged again. Also, a crazy thing to love, the new USB Type-C charging point means there’s no up or down, the connector is the same on both sides, so no fiddling it in to get your charge started. Something so silly, but it used to always annoying the hell out me. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Security

We all know that security is important, we store so much on our phones, and the S8 Plus is built on Samsung Knox, a defence-grade security platform, which FYI, I don’t know how it actually works, just that it does, and that’s all that matters right? Oh, and for extra security, it also has biometric technologies including a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner and facial recognition – yep, you can unlock your screen by showing your face. Fancy as hell.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Music

We all know that our smartphones are much more than calls, Whatapp and social, they are also our music hubs, and the audio is incredible, helped by the amazing earphones you get free with the phone. Plus it comes with Google Play Music and for Samsung customers you can upload and store up to 100,000 tracks to the service’s cloud locker, making them available to stream from anywhere.  

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Bixby

OK, so you are probably wondering who or what the hell Bixby is, well, it’s like Samsung’s personal assistant, or will be when we finally get all the settings. Currently, it has just been operated by text, but I’ve been told that in time it will you will be able to use voice, text, or touch to say what you need and it will assist you, whether that’s to do with your schedule, making a call, answering a text, searching something on the internet or even open your camera. Also, Bixby is a smart cookie, apparently she will learn your ways. I say she as Bixby has a female voice.

Update: I’ve had an update and now my Bixby can take voice commands. It takes a little learning, don’t think she got my Northern accent, but she is finally coming around to opening the camera, calling my husband, as well as taking me through my schedule. I basically think the more you use it the better it will be.

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