How To Create A Weekend Even In Lockdown

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One of the hardest things I’ve found during lockdown has been the lack of distinction between weekdays and the weekend. I know it sounds crazy but I have actually been dreading the weekends. You see I’ve worked from home for a number of years, I have a long-standing routine, which thankfully has continued with not too much disruption. However, I feel like Saturday and Sunday just reminds me of everything I’m missing out on, like meeting friends, going for a mini-break, shopping, eating out *oh, how I miss brunch*, you know the ‘normal’ before the pandemic craziness. 

But after six weeks of isolation, I think this weekend I finally cracked it, and have started to embrace the idea of relaxation, without the going out!

Carving out your weekend during isolation

Find a routine – I’ve discovered routines aren’t just for weekdays, it is just as needed at the weekend, more so, at times like this. For the first few weekends, we did snooze in very late, because we thought what was the point in getting up, but that’s what was getting me down. 

So, instead, get up and make a plan. Before lockdown, plans would have been brunch, a spot of shopping, long dog walk with Falcon somewhere, or a date night at the cinema. Now plans look more like baking, gardening, movie marathons, at-home brunches, and discovering walks close to our village. 

I’m telling you, staying home is definitely the new going out.

My five tips that have helped make my weekends

  • Have a garden, get out in it. We have plans to tackle a new spot in the garden each weekend, and I’m telling you come summer we are going to have a lovely spot to hangout in, even when lockdown is lifted. 
  • Switch up your daily exercise. For weekdays we stick to our usual route around the fields near our village and at weekends we’ve been trying new slightly longer walks. These may only be the other side of our village, but I can’t tell you how much a change of scenery really helps.
  • Create a date-night. If like me, you loved going to the cinema, and miss it, create your own, by doing mini-movie marathon nights. We have actually been watching a lot of movies, as it makes our evenings relaxing, but at the weekend we mix it up and do themes, and pair it with a takeaway for a special treat.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. I love to bake, but I’m not much of cook. So, at the weekend, we’ve been trying to do something new for Sunday dinner. This all started as we wanted to make sure we didn’t waste any food in our farm veg box, but has been a really fun way to make sure we don’t always have the same things.
  • Have a weekend wardrobe. I know this sounds silly, because, why get dressed up to stay home, but with wearing casualwear all week I need a change, so I love to put on a dress and even put a little make-up on. However, if you are the opposite and need real clothes to feel professional, make sure you opt for tracksuit bottoms at the weekend to feel comfortable.

I would love to know what your tips are for getting through the weekend during isolation.