Twitpic Loving: Dita Von Teese Tweets Beauty Book Preview

Pic: via @DitaVonTeese - shot by Scott Nathan

I gush a lot about Dita Von Teese, and if you are not already a fan *why the hell not!*, I can imagine that this image from her up-coming DIY beauty book will make you change your mind. Not only is Dita a goddess when it comes to her style, she actually puts every woman to shame as Dita tweeted that she did her own make-up and hair for this shot – simply stunning!!

“Preview from my upcoming DIY beauty book…glasses by @MSchmidtStudios, photo by @scottnathan, makeup+hair by me! The book will be out mid-2011, at last,” tweeted Dita.

I am not normally one for beauty, when it comes to my own make-up I am dreadful, but this image shot by Scott Nathan showcases Dita’s gorgeous hair and signature red lippy and nails makes me want to pre-order a copy now!! Come on does anyone take a better picture.

If these glasses by Michael Schmidt are anything to go by I think style will also definitely feature!!

Roll on 2011!!