Video Loving: Nokia Pink Dancing Doll

With all the talk that Nokia isn’t doing so well, I am hoping that the launch of the Pink Nokia N8 helps, as I am loving their talented dancing dolls so much it is making me want one!!!
The cute dolls aren’t my favourite Barbie’s, but The Dynamite Girls dolls by Integrity Toys are great to use in photo shoots as you can manipulate them into better positions, and they look amazing in this Sugababes music video for their new track, Freedom.
I have to admit it, in places this commercial/music video has a creepy vibe with the exorcist moment where the dolls head twists around, disembodied doll legs, and the floating eyes.
But for me it has really creative moments, like the horse on stilts, the tattooed doll, the amazing pink boots, or how about the Nokia bikini top, could it become as iconic as Madonna’s cone bra? I love the detailing that the straps are made of phone cord – very cool!!
It does feel like they’ve been inspired by Lady Gaga, with the crazy hair, props and barely there fashion, but I like it. Promoting a mobile – not so sure, but hey I think it will get people talking.
Like the video? Then check out the behind-the-scenes – it makes me want to make a doll video.