Jewellery Masterclass With Stephen Einhorn And HTC


Last week I designed, chiselled, sanded, sawed and buffed my very own ring with the help of jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn in the name of the new HTC One, which FYI is incredible!!!

As always HTC have a unique ability when it comes to creating fabulous events to show off their new handsets – previously I have attended a walk around East London to snap piccies with the HTC One S, I’ve interviewed interesting people on New York’s Skyline in the name of the HTC Rhyme, I even attended a showbiz party with Cheryl Cole and for the launch of HTC Beats and now because the new HTC One boosts an aluminium unibody I was treated along with a small group of online peeps to a jewellery masterclass to design and create my own aluminium ring.

Presented with a bright blue wax block, an empty workbook and a pencil I sketched out what I wanted – a fluttering love heart, which was hard to draw, even harder to explain, but basically I wanted an off-centred heart that looked like it was fluttering like a butterfly – easy, right!!!

Well not quite, having the idea was great but sawing the wax to size, then carving it from square to round, and then drawing and carving the hearts was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But with the help of Stephen and Marco, one of Stephen’s assistants, I finally ended up with a ring that not only looked amazing but fitted perfectly and I can’t wait to see it made in aluminium.

What I loved other the fact it was fun getting creative and hands-on was the fact that we all went for something completely different. Abi engraved lyrics from her favourite song, Kate made the cutest thumb ring, and Emily from Styloko went for a bold statement ring. I really can’t wait to see what they all come out like.

As well as having a fun night making jewellery, visiting Stephen’s shop and studio, sipping tea from adorable bone china cups, and munching on pizza I also got to take away the new HTC One to review.

All I can say is wow, this mobile is incredible, and just from a couple hours of using I can already say that it has a better camera, quicker system, and sleeker finish. A more detailed look at the phone and review to come, but I decided to put my Olympus camera away on the night and all the piccies here were taken and edited on the new HTC One.

If you could design your own ring – what would it look like?

HTC-hannah-2 HTC-jewellery-ring-9 HTC-jewellery-ring-2 HTC-jewellery-kate-ring HTC-jewellery-ring-7 HTC-jewellery-ring-11 HTC-one01

**Thanks to HTC, Fever PR and Stephen Einhorn for an amazing night** 

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  1. April 3, 2013 / 4:41 pm

    Looks like an amazing event